Bridge Over Troubled Water

February 12, 2010

Last week I ventured out for a ladies night (holla!) featuring dinner and a show. We tripped the Broadway lights fantastic with Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge, starring Liev Schreiber and Scarlett Johansson. I give it a big thumbs up — particularly for Schreiber’s performance as Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman in Brooklyn who lives with his wife and 17 year old orphaned niece, who he’s obsessed with (that would be Scar Jo). When his wife’s two cousins come over from Italy illegally, and his niece falls in love with one of them, his jealousy brings the whole house of cards that is his life down all around him.

The sets are cleverly done, the acting all around is good (except I could not stomach the wife’s accent — it may be accurate, but it is grating, to say the least) and the play itself holds moments of laughter and relateable drama. Schreiber is truly excellent in the play, and I hope TONY rewards him when the time comes.

(On stage at the Cort Theater through April 4.)

You know what my favorite  thing about the Single of the Week is? It means the weekend’s almost here!

So take it away, Ken:

The Streets is some dude named Mike Skinner, whose hip-hop is laced with house beats and a cockney accent – not really much to tweet home about. But when Nero juices up a song like “Blinded By the Lights,” I get inspired to crank it up, drop some X and do some “sight words” flashcards with my kids. Reading is funkadental.

Click here to take a listen.


I was so sorry — and shocked — to hear that the designer Alexander McQueen died today. Apparently he committed suicide. He was so talented and so respected — it just goes to show you you never know what inner demons people are nursing. Rest in peace.

Applause all around for NYC’s snow removal efforts. It is amazing that the day after a blizzard things can return to somewhat normal. Washington needs to take a lesson.

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate that lurve-ly feeling, I leave you with this. Enjoy!


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