Powder Me Perfect

February 11, 2010

You know how beauty magazines and people at makeup counters are always saying to use powder on top of your concealer to keep it from settling into the creases under your eyes? I’ve always thought it was b.s., and just another attempt to sell more makeup. But I’ve been irritated lately by the way my concealer looks by 4pm under the harsh fluorescent lighting in the bathroom at work. So I embarked on an experiment recently to see if powder would in fact make a difference. Every morning I’ve been taking out some Laura Mercier secret brightening powder and putting a light dusting over my concealer, before applying any eyeshadow.

And you know what? It works! No creasing, no harsh lines — and by 4pm everything still looks…set. I would recommend using a separate brush for just the translucent powder, to keep it fresh and free from any eyeshadow pigment. A light dusting goes a long way. I like this Laura Mercier powder because in addition to setting the makeup, it gives a subtle sparkle to your eye area that makes you look a tad more refreshed. (And really, who couldn’t use that?!) you can buy it online here, or find it at a Laura Mercier counter in all major department stores. ($22) So maybe those cosmetic hucksters aren’t so crazy…

Puke Country

The restaurant Hill Country here on 26th Street in NYC has excellent barbecue. And recently they started this crazy “Feed Your Face Challenge” that for $65, you got 2 pounds of meat, 2 small sides, a 32 ounce drink and a cupcake. Here’s the challenge: if you ate it all in one sitting, you got it free. Well, apparently too many crazies were actually doing it, so now they upped the ante: 3 pounds of meat, and 2 medium sides, along with everything else, for $85. It’s seriously disgusting. And hilarious.

Restaurant Week — Make That Month

Apparently NYC restaurant week has been extended til the end of February, so you still have time to take advantage of the deals. Check out participating restaurants here.


Snow day! Unbelievably, snow is still falling almost 24 hours later in the city. I do like how it throws a blanket over the chaos, and kind of takes everything down a notch. Our office shut down at 1pm so we were able to leave early, grab a nice, relaxing 3 course lunch at Giuliano’s (we were the only people there!) and then come home and relax with the kids. We made a snowman on the roof and did all of their valentines for school.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a forced slowdown.

Even though it’s still snowing NYC schools say they’ll be open in the am. So good luck in the mess tomorrow…

Stay warm!


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