Sage Wisdom

February 10, 2010

I don’t typically engage in styling gels or cream for my hair — not because I think I don’t need it, but more because I cannot add another step to my extremely streamlined morning routine. Recently, though, I have been going a little longer between haircuts, and I’ve felt like my hair needed a little extra oomph (I believe that’s the technical term). So I had some sage styling cream from Malin and Goetz in my bathroom, which I had purchased long ago in some hazy fantasy that I was going to use it. Well, now I have used it on a few different days, and it definitely helps my locks have a more polished look. What I like is that you take a little dab and put it through your hair while it’s wet — I have no time for blowdrying — and it dries with your hair in a smoother, neater version of its former self. The “sage” keeps it unisex and neutral with whatever other fragrance you have going on.

If you haven’t heard of Malin and Goetz, it’s a boutique line of products sold at better department stores like Barneys. I like their whole aesthetic, but some things of theirs do contain parabens, so it turned me off a bit. But their store and factory are right by me on 7th Avenue, and I have met Malin and Goetz and their pug dog, and they’re all very nice. You can check it out online here. Or visit the store at 177 7th Avenue (between 20th and 21st Streets). They also have stores on the Upper West Side and in Santa Monica. The sage styling cream is $20.


Sending some boos out to:

Otto, which I love, but which recently started charging for refills on iced tea. It’s essentially water, Mario Batali and co. Be glad I paid $3.50 for the first glass.

American Airlines, which just instituted an $8 charge for a blanket. You know what American? I’ve yet to ever get a blanket on one of your planes that didn’t have a hair on it. Not my hair. So I’ll keep my $8. And you can do you-know-what with your blanket.


Hunkering down for the nor’easter! So hilarious. By Tuesday at noon the NYC public schools had already called off school for Wednesday. I want a snow day!

It hasn’t started snowing yet but an ominous fog is starting to set in over the skyline — the top of the Empire State Building is already obscured. Austin bet Addison some Legos that it wasn’t going to snow.

I had a great pilates session this morning where I discovered (along with my instructor) that my neck troubles the past couple of times are because my body and head are constantly shifted to the right. So my teacher was super strict about my alignment and, lo and behold, no neck troubles! This has happened with my knee as well. So the next time you’re having a pain, make sure things are evenly distributed and your engaging all muscles.zzzzzzzzz


One Response to “Sage Wisdom”

  1. Liz Goldberg Says:

    I recently purchased a fleece blanket that rolls up very compactly for $4.00 – yes, that is right – $4.00 at Walmart (actually, I purchased two, one for each child). It was a pleasure, indeed, traveling with our own (clean) blankets on the long flights we took recently (with our own hair!).

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