Revenge Fantasy

February 9, 2010

Do you have Olympic fever yet? I really don’t. I think I’m more of a summer games kind of gal.

Anyway, we watched Inglorious Basterds this weekend. I thought it was good. There were two things I really liked about it. One, it feels like a totally different movie than Pulp Fiction. I like that you can see how Quentin Tarantino has progressed as a filmmaker. His ability to heighten the tension in a scene is really matched by only a few living directors. Two, I think the use of subtitles is truly landmark and different languages. Usually in war movies, everyone speaks English: German, French, British, American — it doesn’t matter, the American filmgoer just needs to understand them. In this, there’s a reason why people revert to English, which makes everything that much more believable. Brad Pitt is kind of a weak link but he’s tolerable. It’s worth seeing but I don’t think it’s picture of the year. It would be nice if he won for original screenplay, though.

Friendly Reminder

We’re about halfway through winter (I know, don’t remind us) and now would be a good time to wash any winter jackets that need washing, especially your kids’. Do it while they sleep so it will be dry by the morning. And spray some stain remover around the wrists, where it’s sure to be grimy from all the wear and tear this winter. They’ll wake up to a fresher, cleaner, less germy jacket. And so will you.


Well NYC was just through rejoicing in the fact that the huge storm Friday night missed us, and now it seems like we will get hit Tuesday night with at least a foot of white stuff. Blech! So not into it. Where is global warming when you need it?

The Empire State Building is yellow tonight for the Saints’ victory. And apparently Letterman wanted Conan in the Superbowl ad as well, but Coco couldn’t make it work.

Hope your Monday got you kickstarted in the right direction. I for one am remaining POSITIVE for the week! I highly recommend it.


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