Greatest Superbowl Ad EVER

February 8, 2010

I mean, come on. Is this genius or what?!

Just the logistics alone of what needed to happen to pull this off are amazing. And the subtext? AWESOME.

The NY Times has a piece about how it all came together here. I love that Dave wrote it himself.

Empire State of Mind

The Empire State Building last night and tonight divided its loyalties with its lights — 2 sides are lit for the Saints, and 2 sides for the Colts. I wonder if it will change right when the game is over. Maybe I’ll wait for the end of the game to post this and see what happens…(Note: they did not change the colors to all yellow and white when the Saints won.)

We had a Superbowl party here and it reminded me how easy it is for the calories to add up with snacky party food. Some things you can do to combat the bulge? Stick to baked chips. Yeah, they might not taste as good, but when you’re piling them high with 7 layer dip, you won’t notice. You can also do half and half — mix regular and baked chips, so at least you cut down a little. And for a dip that’s lower in fat, take a 16 ounce container of light sour cream and mix it with a packet of dry onion soup mix. Put it in the fridge for about an hour to set. Serve with chips and cut up vegetables — it’s particularly good on raw broccoli and cucumbers. Which is another great tip — veggies sub for chips quite nicely, especially with hummus. With minor adjustments, you can graze without the guilt.


Another jam-packed, fun weekend for all. Austin had a really great time at a birthday party on Saturday at Carnival on University, which is essentially a carnival for kids with all kinds of games, a dunk tank, and lots and lots of candy. He came home with bucket loads: pixi sticks, fun dip, lemon heads, maryjanes, etc. I didn’t even know it was there — upstairs from Bowlmor. Apparently by night it turns into a nightclub, and I can see the appeal. Austin was particularly good at the game where you aim your water gun in the clown’s mouth and try to fill and pop your balloon first.

We hit Otto Saturday night, which was packed before 6pm (in New York City, that’s crazy). It was the first time Addison refused a high chair and she seemed like such a big kid at the table, eating her pizza and gelato. Austin was telling us who all his friends were at school. He ommitted one kid — I’ll call him Andy for the sake of this story — and we asked why. “He lies to me sometimes.” “How do you know he lies?” I asked. “Well,” he said, pondering what he was about to say, “is it possible to eat a dead baby tiger?” I almost spit my food out I laughed so hard. “See, he tells me stuff like that,” Austin explained about Andy. Too funny.

Hope you had a groovy weekend.


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