YSL Chic

February 4, 2010

I feel like there should be a new ticket for people who don’t let people off subways and elevators  before getting on. The ticket just says “RUDE” in huge red letters…


I am really into this Yves Saint Laurent lipstick I got recently. The gold case is rather chic and the lipstick itself is sheer while still giving coverage. So you get a pretty color without it being too thick and gummy. It’s called Gloss Volupte, and I am crushing on #4, Frosted Plum, which is kind of a sheer, plummy shine. It looks great with greys and navy blue. The best part about it is it has this tropical-ish smell that somehow makes you feel sunnier when you put it on. It has an SPF 9, which I guess is better than nothing.

The best YSL make-up counter I have found is the one at Lord and Taylor on Fifth Avenue.  They always have stuff in stock, and there is a petite blond woman who works there by day who is extremely helpful and truly understands customer service. I had been in there in August when I bought a particular shade to wear to my birthday party, and then I was there in December, and she remembered me, the shade I had bought and asked me how my birthday was! If you can’t make it there, you can buy it here. It’ll set you back $30.


Recently I wrote about the ten foods we should all be eating more of, with beets being one of them. I remarked how much I don’t like them. Liz wrote in with this salad, which she swears is delicious:

Beet, Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad

Boil the beets until fork tender. Put under running water and peel skin off. Julienne.

Combine a couple of handfuls of arugula, julienned beets and crumbled goat cheese. Any percentage of the above ingredients that you like.

Dress to taste with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt and coarsely cracked black pepper.

(toasted walnuts and pomegranate seeds, optional)



Thanks Liz, I’ll have to try it.

I was insanely busy today but I had a lunch meeting where we actually went out of the office to a sushi restaurant and it does make the day a little brighter, so you don’t have to eat at your desk. Yesterday I scarfed a turkey sub from Subway down in between meetings and felt a little spent by the time I got home at 8:15pm. Just goes to show you that Italy does it right — no one there ever eats at their desk. They think we’re a little barbaric that way — they could be correct.

My children are truly hilarious sometimes. Our nanny lives in Queens and apparently yesterday Addison, who’s 2, drew her a picture, handed it to her and said, “Take this to your husband in Queens.” So funny.

Hope all is well!


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