Tim Burton Comes Alive

February 2, 2010

Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

The Museum of Modern Art always has something to see — sometimes we just go up to hang out in the sculpture garden. Right now there’s an exhibit that’s worth making the trek for, with the kids: Tim Burton. The groundbreaking filmmaker gets a wonderful exhibit of his drawings, animation work, costumes from his films, models, paintings, props — it’s really a detailed glimpse into his mind and work. And his visions started at a young age! They have his notebooks from school, complete with essays and doodles. Whether you’ve seen any of his movies or not, it’s a comprehensive look at the archives of one of the great pop culture minds of our time. Kids love all the colors and whimsical drawings and sculptures. There are sites for the little ones to have mini-screenings of some of his work, which keeps them occupied as well. It’s creatively interesting and inspiring — and a perfect way to spend a frigid winter afternoon. Check it out before his 3-D Alice in Wonderland hits theaters.

For lunch, check out the Cafe on 2. It’s rather sophisticated and tasty for a museum cafe, but they do have kids meals. And don’t forget: members get 10% off!

Runs til April 26th — unless you’re a museum member, timed tickets are necessary for the exhibit since the gallery has limited capacity. For more info, go here.


I just watched Beyonce’s 60 Minutes interview where she claimed she and her husband Jay-Z have no ego. Come on! It is impossible to stand up there in front of thousands of people and perform with no ego. Impossible.

They said she makes $80 million a year. Then they profiled the snowboarder Shaun White who they said makes $10 million a year. That’s a lot of dough.

I make far, far less than either of them. And I must get up tomorrow and make it happen. So I’ll see you then.


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