ABC, Easy As 123…

January 28, 2010

I am watching President Obama’s State of the Titanic…I mean Union. Who the heck wants that job?! Anyway I may interject with some comments on the proceedings…

Today let’s talk about phonics. We found a great video for teaching the alphabet and letter sounds to little ones — Leap Frog’s Letter Factory. It says it’s for ages 2 – 5, and I would concur. I really think it taught Austin his alphabet and helped him master the different sounds. The little frog Tad joins wacky Professor Quigley to explore all the letters of the alphabet. The J’s are jumping on trampolines; the K’s are practicing karate kicks. The song is really catchy — we still sing it some 3 years later: “The A’s say, ‘ah,’ the A’s say ‘ah,’ every letter makes a sound, the A’s say ‘ah.'”

At about half an hour long, it’s just the right length to keep little ones’ attentions. I think there are a lot of videos that claim to be educational, but I can attest firsthand that this helped my son learn his alphabet and sounds at two years old. And now that he’s in kindergarten and reading and writing, I think it was a great foundation.

You can find it wherever you buy videos, or check it out here. It’s a great gift, too!


OK — great Obama moment — “Even if you disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on global warming,” — ha ha. What is wrong with these people?

Apparently this season will be Ugly Betty‘s last. ABC has cancelled it. My kids will be sad!

I am rehabbing my toes — you might want to as well. If you’re at all like me, I keep nail polish on my toes for the great majority of the year. But it dries the nails out and I think it’s good to let them breathe for a couple of months in the winter when most toes don’t see the light of day. So until we head south for a beach vacation in March, my tootsies will be growing out.

I am so glad that Obama called out the Supreme Court for their stupid activist ruling that corporations are people and should be able to give freely to political candidates and fund campaigns. They went against years and years of judicial precedence. We should all be afraid. Justice Alito has some nerve shaking his head.


It’s going to get bitter cold in the next couple of days. Back to my super warm Cole Haan coat I bought this year!

Well Washington, America has a lot of problems. People need jobs. Kids need education. Citizens need healthcare. So let’s get it together. We’re all counting on you.


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