Streak Free

January 26, 2010

Bill and Hillary Clinton went on their honeymoon to Haiti? Holy crap. We went on safari for our honeymoon in Kenya and slept in tents with Molton Brown bath products and we had a butler named Duncan. Where is the meaning in my life?? Jeesh.

Anyway, it’s possible I recommended Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish before, but I’m bringing it up again because while previously it was almost impossible to find, Bed, Bath and Beyond started carrying it at a great price ($4.99), and if you use one of their ubiquitous 20% off coupons, you get another $1 off of that. We have tried many, many stainless steel cleaners, and this is by far the best one. (And we have a lot of stainless steel in our kitchen — and a lot of little fingers!) It truly is streak free, it protects against fingerprints, and the protection lasts for several days. Once a week is plenty to keep all of our appliances looking great. Plus there’s no annoying smell. A definite thumbs up — and thumbs up to Bed, Bath and Beyond for stocking a great product. Now if only you carried the suede protectant that I really came in to buy…

Cheap is Cheap

There is a piece today about H&M is not monitoring their supply chain and their organic cotton tees might not really be organic. Really? Come on people. Chances are if you are paying dirt cheap prices for your clothes — or anything else for that matter — there is something funky going on in that supply chain. Child labor, “mislabeled” wares, lead, no health insurance for workers — these are just a few of the things that might be going on. Cheap always has a cost to someone.

Tasty Resty

We had a fantastic lunch at A Voce in Columbus Circle. We’ll definitely go back for dinner. Restaurant Week started today, and at $24.07 for a three course lunch, it’s a great excuse to try somewhere new. (Entrees at A Voce are in the mid to high $20s at lunch, so it’s a good deal.) A nice touch is that they have special $6/glass wines for Restaurant Week. The pasta was a standout — I had one filled with butternut squash. Ken had a tasty onion soup and short ribs. The maitre’d told me they are kid friendly for brunch, too!


Had this rainy day off, and started it with a massage and facial at Exhale in the Gansevoort. I give it a B. The services were good; the facilities were a bit cramped. Plus the treatment rooms are right off of the waiting area, and some workmen chose my massage time to start screaming to each other about the Jets game. But the therapists were top notch, and I definitely felt like much of the stress in my neck and shoulders melted away, which is no smal feat.

I ended the evening at Mommy Margarita Night with Suzanne. $4.50 frozen margaritas! An excellent deal for the West Village. We used it as a chance to catch up and meet some other moms from the hood.

All in all, a great day!


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