Our Prayers Go Out to Haiti

January 14, 2010

Some things are just so awful and defy explanation, that you almost can’t even try to wrap your head around them. The earthquake in Haiti is one of these things. When the headline in the New York Times is “Haiti in Ruin; Grim Search for the Dead,” there’s really little else to say.

So what can we do? Donating money to an organization that can help these poor people is a good start. There are so many groups looking to do good work: Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, and the World Food Programme are just a few worthy ones. You can text “90999” on your mobile phone and give $10 to the Red Cross. Even if you can give just a few dollars, I think the act of helping in some small way serves to aid in making sense of such a catastrophe.

The photos are really indelible, particularly the ones of children’s dusty bodies laid out on the sidewalk.

Apparently New York City has the largest population of Haitians in the United States. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all Haitians, and we hope that help is on its way to save those that can be saved, to comfort those in need, and to provide dignity to the fallen.


I’m not sure anything can really follow that, so I’ll concentrate our attention on that for this evening.

Hope you’re all safe and well.


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