One More Thing!

December 25, 2009

I have to do one last post because I forgot to include Ken’s Single of the Week yesterday. And it’s seasonal, so we all should enjoy it now:

Every year when December comes around, it invariably becomes time for the George Michael “Last Christmas” money-making machine to be turned on and run nonstop until New Year’s Day. Sure, the “Last Christmas” single was a big enough hit for Wham, but little did Jorge Rico know that it would replicate, mutate and sustain itself like musical H1N1. The royalties must be astounding. We’re not talking mansion-type money. It’s more like TARP-like money, financed by the likes of Ashley Tisdale, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Hillary Duff, Cascada, Atomic Kitten, the cast of “Glee,” Metro Station and countless Euro-Pop bands. How about a psuedo-hip-hop remix by a trio of Japanese cuties? You got it:


Many imitations, no duplications, is what I have to say. Wham still did it best.

Happy Christmas!


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