Return It!

December 24, 2009

As the Christmas holiday is upon us, my tip for all of you is to take the time to return anything you don’t like. Save the gift receipts! Don’t be sentimental or feel bad about it. I am sure the person giving the gift wants you to be satisfied. Gift receipts usually end up with store credit (once in a while they’ll give cash — Restoration hardware and Sephora have been known to do it). No receipt? Most places will take it back, they’ll just give you the price that the item is currently selling for, which after Christmas is probably a lot less than what someone actually paid for it. Target will take back things without a receipt up to a certain amount per year. They’ll also search by credit card to try and find the purchase price.

And if you’re the giver, by the way, make sure you include gift receipts! Give people an easy out.

I hope you all get everything you want. And if not, I hope you can exchange for it!

Christmas Miracles

Can it really be that a healthcare bill will be passed by Congress on Christmas Eve? Yes, Virginia, there is a Democratic majority…It’s not perfect, people, but let’s take what we can get. Over thirty million Americans are about to get health insurance who didn’t already have it. That’s a holiday gift I’ll take any time. Just a shame that not a single Republican could stand up to the party line. And shame on those Democrats who held the bill hostage to wring every last bit of pork out of it. Oink!

Another One Bites the Dust

I am so sad to hear that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have split up after 23 years together. They live around the corner from us and we see them quite often in the neighborhood. I’ve always liked them because they seem so normal. Ken even found her cell phone once and got it back to her — she was very nice. And when the two of them were out together they were always holding hands and generally seemed happy and in love with each other. Which just goes to show you that you never know…Hope they’re doing well, and their two sons too.


Well, this is my last post of the year. We are off to California with the kids to hang with friends and family. We’re all excited! We want some sunshine and warmth and quality time together.

Cause that’s what it’s really all about, no?

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all good things to all of you. Thanks so much for reading — Family Favs will be back next year with more recommendations to make your life just a little bit brighter. Until then, peace!!


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