Blizzard of ’09 Can’t Stop Us

December 21, 2009

Well, the weathermen can rest assured that they didn’t freak us all out for nothing. The snow did indeed come. It was a funny storm — it hit the south and west really hard (like two feet hard) before a flake fell in NYC. We ended up getting a foot, and though we were supposed to go to a party in New Jersey on Saturday night right at the time the flakes fell hardest and the wind picked up, negating our ability to drive, it really didn’t damper anything else we had on tap. (Although tonight we were walking back from another party and I stepped in an inevitable pool of slush at the corner and — whoops! — discovered my boot had cracked up the side and water was leaking in. Ah!) The other funny moment was trying to flag down the bus where no one had cleared a path, and the plowed snow combines with the fallen snow had created a drift of about 3 feet that we had to scale and then jump down — poor Austin planted face first in his rush to get the bus. The driver was laughing at us, but she did wait!

Anyway, all in good fun. I really have no segway to my recommendation for today, which is a salad dressing: Bolthouse Farms Creamy Yogurt Dressing in Blue Cheese. I have a funny relationship with salad dressing — most of the time I don’t even use it. If I have a salad with goat cheese or kidney beans or chicken, I skip it altogether. I find most dressings either too heavy, so they mask the taste of the salad, or too light and bland, like an oil and vinegar. But I tried this Bolthouse Farms dressing for the first time over Thanksgiving, and I liked the taste. It’s blue cheese-y without being too overpowering, and it enhances the taste of the salad. Plus, since it’s made with yogurt, you get a lot less fat and calories. Whereas regular blue cheese dressing has 19.5 grams of fat in a two ounce serving, Bolthouse has 6.5 grams. Yet it doesn’t taste “light.” And there’s no trans fat, preservatives, added sugar, artificial colors or flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. How refreshing! There are other flavors too (Honey Mustard and Ranch among them), but I’ve had success with the Blue Cheese.

It’s a refrigerated dressing — you should find it in the supermarket, near the produce, where other refrigerated dressings are sold. I found it at Shop Rite. Runs about $3 for 14 ounces.


We had a late afternoon party, which was fun (lots of kids!) and then we decided to hit Johnny Rockets for dinner. We hadn’t been there in a long time. Clearly they must have changed their menu to compete with Red Robin — now everything comes with bottomless fries (yet another reason why we need universal healthcare). And in my opinion, the food has gone downhill. I used to think they had the best veggie burgers.

We went up on our roof last night in the blizzard, and though it was windy, there really is no better place to be in a snowstorm! The lights of NYC were shining through the snow, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford were home (they live across the street), and the snow threw a blanket of silence over everything. Heavenly!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and you didn’t have to do too much shoveling (all you East coasters!)…Holla!


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