Balm-y Nights

December 18, 2009

What’s it all about, Alfie?

I’ve found that my mouth and nasal passages are so dry now that the heat has kicked up full force. I’m all about drinking lots of water and lip balm! My favorite lip balm of all time, hands down, is Kiehl’s #1. (In the jar, not the tube. Trust me, there’s a major difference.) I recommend putting it on before you go to bed every night. When you awake, you’ll have soft, supple lips that can take you through the day. You just have to be really religious about it. There are plenty of lip balms out there that look good or feel good, this is the only one that I think actually makes a difference in preventing chapped lips. And it’s definitely a unisex venture — chapped lips do not discriminate! Ken and I both swear by this product. ($9.50; available in department stores like Bloomingdales’s or Neiman Marcus; or in Kiehl’s stores.)

Hijacking Health Care

You might recall that yesterday I asked why Joe Lieberman sucks so bad. Gail Collins takes a shot at answering just that in today’s NY Times. Check it out here. An outrage, really.

Shacking Up

The lines at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park just might get a little shorter. Apparently Danny Meyer (of Union Square Cafe fame) has big expansion plans — next year new Shacks will open on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Nolita and one in midtown at 44th and 8th Avenue. These burger and custard places are big business — apparently each one rakes in $4 million a year. That’s a lotta dough, as they say. He’s looking at other cities too, including Miami and Boston, where apparently they call shakes “frappes.” Frappe Shack just doesn’t have the same ring to it. If you go, I am partial to the mushroom burger. It’s a mushroom lightly griddled up and stuffed with oozing cheese, all on a soft delicious bun with lettuce and tomato. It’s just a perfect handheld bunch of yumminess. They’ll do Arnold Palmers too (half lemonade, half iced tea) which is somewhat special for the east coast. Tasty!

Single of the Week — In the House!

Here’s Ken:

The other week, I went to a birthday party at a bouncy gym. Between the puppet show and the cake, I thought about what it’d be like to be at home, mellowed out on Vicodin with a giant bag of Doritos. I’d be on the couch, watching the entire second season of “Supernanny” (I would never relinquish my responsibility as a parent) on mute while listening to this two-chord groove by Samuel & the Dragon.


Yesterday I posted a Stephen Colbert clip that got yanked from You Tube — so if you couldn’t watch it, it’s so hilarious I had to give you a second chance here.

I  can’t believe Chanukah is coming to an end. And next week is Christmas and then the end of 2009. Craziness! But let’s not wish it away just yet and enjoy these last 2 weeks.

I’ll be back next week for a few posts and some final thoughts on this year. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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