Get Off the Junk

December 17, 2009

If you’ve ever tried to get yourself to stop drinking sugary sodas, the NYC health department has created a spot that just might do the trick. There’s no commentary necessary — you just need to watch the clip. And then go eat a salad.

Fekkai Goes Mainstream

Celebrity Coiffure Frederic Fekkai, whose high end hair products are available in Neiman Marcus and other fine stores, is going downmarket. Apparently he’s about to launch his line at Walgreens and Target, with the same price point of $20 – $30. In response, Sephora has said it will dump the line from its stores. I think this would be a great idea if the price point were dropping. I just don’t think Target shoppers, in this economy, want to pay $26 for shampoo. I guess Frederic will find out soon enough…

Stephen Colbert’s in a New York State of Mind

Apparently Jay-Z was busy, so check out this video from the Colbert Report this week, when Alicia Keys came on to sing her hit (a former Family Favs Single of the Week, I should add), and Stephen Colbert filled in for the rapper. He raps about moving out of the city when he had kids, but still owning NYC from 41st Street to 47th — keepin’ it real with the appetizers at the Hard Rock. Hilarious. Check it out here.

Boo You

I stopped shopping at American Apparel several months ago when it came to light that the owner either didn’t hire people to work there who he deemed unattractive, or, if he did hire them and then changed his mind, they were banished to a stockroom. Now comes word that he has sent a memo telling all employees how they have to have their eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows. Apparently he wants them all to use Brooke Shields as a template. The moral of this story is don’t work for American Apparel. And don’t shop there, either.


I had a very unsatisfying lunch today consisting of all side dishes, none of them great, because they were out of the specialty sandwich I wanted in our cafeteria. Threw my whole day off! Oh well — there’s always tomorrow.

How much does Joe Lieberman suck?

See you!


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