Beauty with a Bonus

December 16, 2009

All this with your $25 purchase

They say beauty’s where you find it (or maybe that was just Madonna), and you can find it now at the Clinique counter at Lord and Taylor. I’m not a loyal Clinique user, but everytime I do go back to it, I remember how much I like that the makeup has no smell, the packaging is modern and the price point is reasonable. I’m also not a fan of beauty bonuses, because they usually make you spend way more than you wanted to get something that you’ll probably never use. But right now the Clinique bonus at Lord and Taylor comes in a makeup bag you’ll probably actually use (and you can pick if you want purple or pink), and products inside like brushes and lipstick that are useful and wearable. All you have to do is spend $25 or more and it’s yours, free.

A couple of things I recommend: their Touch Base for Eyes in canvas, which is essentially cream eye shadow in a very neutral beige with just a hint of shimmer ($14). You can use it as a base for whatever other eye makeup you want to use, or alone for a polished natural look. Their Butter Shine Lipsticks are sheer while still providing coverage. I like Apple Brandy, which a reddish/brownish sheer lipstick gloss ($15).

There are so many different brands out there — it’s nice to know that Clinique is a good, reliable department store standby. With a bonus!

Check it out online here.

The Golden Globes Overlooked Me…Again!

But they did recognize George Clooney, who was nominated for best actor. In fact Up in the Air led the nominations this morning with six. There weren’t too many shockers — Julia Roberts for Duplicity, which no one saw but I really liked. Both Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock were doubly nominated — Streep is actually going against herself in the best actress in a comedy category. I always love the Golden Globes because it’s both TV and movies. If you want to check out all the nominations, click here. I want to watch the show even more this year because Ricky Gervais is hosting, and he is hilarious on these awards shows. I’m hoping his tune will be pitch perfect on January 17th (8pm on NBC), and a room full of drunk celebrities will take his bait and turn it into a night to remember!

Did You Say Discount?

Well, I did. From now through midnight on December 16th, you can get 25% off your total purchase at Just enter “HOORAH” at checkout. There’s a little holiday cheer for ya.


We went to a fun Hannukah party at some friends’ place tonight. Lots of kids and fun people — even a cute little dog that Addison loved. The kids played dreidel and ate lots of treats. (Austin had fruit punch, Yoo Hoo and several cookies. I think the kid went into sugar shock.) Addison was coughing, ate a tortilla chip and proceeded to puke in front of everyone. I’ll spare you the details. All in a day’s work as a mother, I guess. She came back with a vengeance right after, though. She kept trying to sneak some jordan almonds. When I told her she couldn’t have them, she told me she just wanted to smell them. Sure thing kid.

Is it only Tuesday? Wow.


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