Everyone Likes Pudding!

December 14, 2009

We’re going into a new week — the last full one before the blessed holidays give everyone a much-needed break of some length or another. So let’s start the week with something sweet! Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding is the perfect adult version of a dessert that everyone enjoys. It’s low in calories but high in treat satiation. And remember when pudding took a long time to make and involved constantly stirring it over a hot stove, and then letting it set in the fridge for hours? No more. You just add the packet to two cups of (skim) milk, whisk for two minutes, pour it into some bowls, put it into the refrigerator and in less than ten minutes you can insert your spoon and enjoy. (To really make it easy, I put the two cups of milk into a large measuring cup, add the pudding powder and whisk it right in the glass measuring cup. Less to clean up!)

Each packet costs around $1.00, and there are four servings, or if you’re feeling sweet-deprived, there’s a very generous bowl full for two of you. If you really want to go all out, try a little whipped cream or Cool Whip on top. I was partial to the chocolate but I had the vanilla last week and that was very good, as well. I keep a box or two in the cupboard for whenever I feel like a little sweet treat — guilt free!

Holiday Gifting

I was out today in the pouring rain to finish my holiday shopping. So bananas. My tip is to shop at places that make it easy, especially by providing nice free gift wrapping. If you have a lot of women on your list, Sephora is a great bet. They offer so many different brands at many different price points, and they’ll wrap them all up nicely. They carry a lot of different gift sets, and they also package their gift cards with a mini makeup mirror. I noticed they now have “Special Bargains” by the register that really are just that, so you can get yourself a treat, too! I got myself 2 full sized Benefit cream eyeshadows for $10 — a $28 savings! Kiehl’s stores are another great option. You can pick whatever your recipient would like, and they’ll wrap it really nicely with dried flowers and ribbons. Then when you check out they’ll give you a few free samples to try something at home. I find that men really like Kiehl’s stuff, and wouldn’t necessarily buy it for themselves. Wherever you go to shop, good luck!


Poor little Addison is sick again. She cannot catch a break. Cold and fever — she swings from being out of sorts to being fine. I just want to give her a hug and make her feel all better! She was particularly out of sorts after her nap, crabby, staring into space, didn’t want to eat dinner, crying that she didn’t want to take her medicine. So I get half of her medicine down, she starts to throw up in my hand, Ken runs over with a plate from the dinner dishes, it starts to look like it’s going to overflow so Austin grabs a large bowl and runs over, and poor Addison is just a mess. Suddenly she stops throwing up and says, “I wanna watch Taylor  Swift.” In the middle of it all she could not deny her love of Swift performing in the subway for her Video Music Awards number, which we have on our DVR. Hilarious.

Between the cold and the rain, it has been some weekend! Plus, I find that I spend so much time making sure everyone else has hats, gloves, etc., that I end up rushing and leaving the house horribly underdressed for the elements.

Friday I was excited all day to go my favorite tapas restaurant (Boqueria on 19th street between 5th and 6th Avenues) and then they were out of my favorite dish! They’re these green peppers (pimientos) that they lightly fry — so delicious. Oh well, we had lots of other delicious stuff, like dates stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. We also indulged in some sangria. Ken had the pear, I had traditional red. A great way to end the week!

We had a fun Hannukah party with all of our family here. The kids really enjoyed seeing everyone and of course all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles really enjoyed seeing them. I had part of it catered and made some stuff, which really did help.

Austin had a birthday party and one of the “games” was eating bugs. No kidding. They ordered grasshoppers off of the internet that were bacon-flavored. Austin wasn’t into eating them. I always knew that kid had a good head on his shoulders…

Hope you had a good one!


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