Sleep Tight

December 8, 2009

I haven’t used my logo in a while so I decided to use it today — Peter did such a great job on it…

Anyway, I had a fantastic time at the Short Hills mall today with my bestie Suzanne. We accomplished a lot of holiday shopping and had a lot of fun — I definitely recommend grabbing a buddy, going on a weekday and plowing through your list. It makes it so much more painless. Of course, then you can also get yourselves a little somethin’ somethin’…

Anyway, you know what I bought today that I recommend? Pajamas. I find most pajamas get a little ratty at the two to three year mark, yet I insist on keeping them for many years after that. I am pretty picky about them — only cotton, and I don’t like stiff cotton. I only like soft knits. Plus for the winter I like long sleeves — none of that camisole with pants that places like Old Navy try to pass off as acceptable. So today I found a good pair at Ann Taylor Loft — part of their new “lounge wear” line. Normally their pieces are $24.50 – $29.50 each, but in stores they have two pieces for $30 — a great deal. They’re made from a super soft cotton and come in a bunch of patterns you can mix and match, in mutes colors like pink and gray. I went for a solid top and striped bottoms. They’re on sale online too — check it out.

Ugly Improvement

I’ve been a fan of ABC’s Ugly Betty since its inception a few years ago, but last year was a pretty lackluster season — it had that typical slump where hit shows forget about what made them hits in the first place. So I was going to give up on it this year, and I had a bunch on my DVR that I hadn’t watched yet. But I started to watch, and even though the show has been exiled to Friday nights (although apparently it’s moving back to Wednesdays), it has had a creative resurgence. The writing is better, the storylines seem fresher — everything about it seems back on track. If you haven’t watched it, it’s definitely worth giving a try. And kudos to the production team that they brought the show back from the brink. As an aside, sometimes I watch it with my kids early on Sunday mornings, and they really like it — I think it’s all the bright colors. (Airs on Fridays at 9pm; moves to Wednesdays on January 6th.)


It got cold here in the Northeast — it’s like we all suddenly woke up and realized it really is December.

Hope your week started out right!


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