Little Juicy Tidbits

December 4, 2009

I have a lot of one-off bits of info I wanted to pass along before we ended the week together, so here we go:

Apparently Liberty of London has entered into a venture with Target to create items using some of their iconic Liberty prints (think: floral). This is not part of the designer collections that Zac Posen and Rodarte are a part of, but is a separate collection that will range from clothing for men, women and children to housewares. No word on pricepoints (but it’s Target, so how bad can it be) — the line will debut in stores and online on March 14th.

Speaking of Target, I had high(ish) hopes for the Rodarte collection. The look book came out today and it’s underwhelming. Check it out. NY Mag’s commentary is pretty funny. Some of the stuff will be available in a pop-up shop Target’s opening from December 11 – 13 right in my ‘hood at the entrance to the High Line, at Gansevoort and Washington Streets, open daily 10 – 8. Apparently they’re going to have 50 different gifts, all pre-wrapped so you can grab, buy and go!

H&M, that other cheap bastion of fashion that I never really go to since it opened stateside, is planning on opening a bunch of home stores next year. This could be interesting, as in Europe I’m a fan of Zara home stores, which haven’t made it here yet. Inexpensive style is always a good thing!

Then, it seems JC Penney is going to start carrying MNG by Mango, the line from Spain that is hit or miss, but when it’s hit, they have some amazing stuff at good prices. This is good news, Middle America! I never shop at Penneys but with this, the new Olsen twins line (Olsenboye), and the fact that they’re going to be the exclusive place to find Isaac Mizrahi’s Liz Claiborne line, maybe they can turn around their 78 percent drop in profits! (No, that was no typo.) Good luck to them.

And finally, I’ve said little to nothing about the Tiger mess, but those text messages are dirty! Tiger — what were you thinking?! Never put it in writing…I also love that when he released his “apology,” millions of people didn’t know what the word “transgressions” meant. Hilarious.

Could it be Thursday already??

Why yes it is — so here’s Ken with the Single of the Week:

The French are annoying. Unfair, perhaps, but broad generalizations are easy and I am tired. The last thing you want a Frenchman to do is explain how something French is so great. What can you do? Shazam! The Single of the Week is at your service. If you haven’t checked out Saint Etienne, you should –  it’s Sarah Cracknell’s sweet, comforting voice on an atmospheric bed of electronica-lite. They’ve been dropping their beats since the early 90s, and their latest is really a remix by the French duo Air France. And, yes, apparently there are no trademark regulations in France.

Saint Etienne, Spring (Air France remix)


This morning I shook the bottle of Eucerin Calming Body Wash (they are getting a lot of free publicity, btw) and it was a little better in lathering up.  I don’t think I’ll be buying another bottle. But I do appreciate Michelle’s feeling that it is a great product for those with sensitive skin. So thanks for writing in, Michelle!

I feel like this week is one of those weirdly off ones. I had a terrible day on Tuesday, and my subsequent ones haven’t been so much better. A lot of people’s kids are sick. Layoffs at a friend of mine’s company. Then another friend has some crazy family strife going on. It’s just one big OY. I’m just waiting for the weekend so hopefully I can break the spell.

But I also came home to find Austin’s poetry notebook, which he brings home on Thursdays. This week’s poem was “You Are My Sunshine,” which if you read it on the page is that much sweeter. Please don’t take my sunshine away!

I hope your week has been stellar, and your weekend is even better. Enjoy it!


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