Go Local

December 2, 2009

Just when you think you can go on autopilot to get through the craziness of the holiday season, Austin gets sick. I hate when he has to miss school (and swimming, and chess, and…) I hope he feels better soon!

Today I wanted to tell you about an American Express promotion that hasn’t gotten a lot of buzz, but it’s a great thing to know about if you have an Am Ex card: the NYC Extreme Local promotion. Basically, you go to this website (amexnetwork.com/extremelocal) and register your card. Then, if you spend $300 at at least 3 participating businesses between November 27th and December 20th of this year, you’ll get a $50 credit on your statement. Fifty bucks, no questions asked. You can search the site by neighborhood to find out what businesses are participating — there are restaurants like Pop Burger, 202, Union Square Cafe and Blue Smoke, museums like the Rubin, and stores including Auto, J. Crew and Kidding Around. So if you have an American Express card and you live in or plan on visiting the New York City area, register and reap the reward!

Apparently Am Ex has made a big effort to go local with its promotions. If you live in another major city, check out amexnetwork.com/travel and see what rewards you can get your hands on in Los Angeles, Chicago or San Francisco, among other places, on things like hotels, restaurants and stores. If they’re offering, you may as well take advantage!

Thumbs Down

I usually like Eucerin products, and I had high hopes for their new Calming Body Wash, but I was disappointed. It’s fragrance free, which just leaves it smelling kind of dull and oily, and it doesn’t really lather so it’s caught between a splash and a weak soap. I guess if you have really sensitive skin and your options are severely limited, you might want to give it a try. But there are so many other better body washes on the market. Better luck next time, Eucerin!


Hard to believe it’s December already. This week is all about “truth and beauty” — mani/pedi, facial, cut and color, eyebrows…it’s exhausting trying to look passable! Ha ha.

Today was a really crappy day. But as someone once said, there’s always tomorrow…word.


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