Yes We Do Have Banana

November 24, 2009

Oh, the current woes of retail. In this economy, people just aren’t spending as much, yet you’ve got to stay ahead of the trends, lest your customer base tire of you. It’s no longer enough just to carry merchandise. Shoppers are looking for a whole consumer experience.

Disney is currently working with Apple to redesign its retail experience. Each Disney store will apparently get a $1 million high tech makeover…that’s a lot of Mickey. And Buzz. And Tinkerbell. One of the first is supposed to open in Times Square next year.

Banana Republic is also looking to change its shopping experience — they’re calling it a “concept store.” Some of the upgrades include checking out in the fitting room — while you get back into your clothes, an associate rings up your purchases. And if they don’t have the item you’re looking for, in-store computers will track it down and ship it to you for free. It seems the 21st century is all about customer service. One can only hope…There are five of these stores already open. The one in Las Vegas offers concierge service; the one that opened this month in SoHo has an entire second floor of men’s offerings. (The former men’s Banana down Broadway has reopened as a Gap.)

Now if they could just get people buying again…

Shock Us Harder

I haven’t watched the American Music Awards since I was like 14, but they were on last night and I only know that because one of my Facebook friends posted that Adam Lambert‘s performance was “disgusting.” Intrigued, I checked it out on You Tube. Clearly he was going for shocking, but I wasn’t shocked. Although I did find it interesting that when he started sucking face with his (male) keyboardist, what had been a tight shot suddenly became a very wide angle pull back. At the end of day, I just don’t think the song is that great. That was the most offensive part to me.

(I was going to post a link to the offending clip, but Dick Clark had to go and have all of the clips removed from You Tube, so I can’t embed it. But search for it yourself — I’m sure they couldn’t have taken them all down.)


Apparently Beyonce was in London this weekend and dropped $33,000 at Harvey Nichols. I’ve been to Harvey Nicks many a time, and that just doesn’t seem so crazy to me. I mean, one Alexander Wang bag and you’re off and running…

Addison was feeling a little better today, so that is encouraging. As long as I’m not scooping up vomit with my bare hands, I’m happy.

This is one of those weeks that feels long even though it’s short, because everyone wants to just get to Wednesday and take off for the long Turkey Weekend. In due time, I guess.

See you tomorrow!


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