Bloody Good…Nail Polish

November 20, 2009

You know how I know I’m getting old? I could care less about Twilight. Anyway…

I should preface this recommendation by saying that I like things that are a little different — i.e., I’ve never been a French manicure kind of person. I wasn’t a huge fan of Chanel’s Vamp, which was all the rage a few years back. It was somehow too…dire. But OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark is somehow just right. It’s kind of a mixture of deep purple, deep red and black, all mixed into an awesome color — kind of like what blood would look like if blood were somehow fashionable, infused with indigo and applicable to toes.

I love it for a pedicure — I think it would be a little much on fingernails. Winter is a great time to test it out since your tootsies come out to greet the world a little less often.

Sign of the Apocalypse

Or at least in a sign of consumerism gone mad, I noticed this year that stores like Banana Republic and Old Navy will be open on Thanksgiving. So need to wait til the day after Thanksgiving to spend all that money you don’t have — skip time with your friends and family and head to the store on Thanksgiving. It’s really kind of sad. I hope all of their hired help working that day get paid triple overtime. (BTW, I noticed that on ads they’re saying “some” stores will be open. So call before you go, if you’re so inclined, because your municipality may not have lost its mind…yet.)

Could it Be? Yes it is!

Why, here comes Ken with the Single of the Week:

Metal – that lazy-eyed, thick-skinned uncle with the self-conscious sneer – never really left the couch. As much as you’ve tried to mock him to death and deliver him to the curb, he’s managed to stay put, sustain himself and do just fine, thank you. Case in point: Megadeth. Their name, high-speed arpeggios and dystopian album covers are Cold War relics, but they play on, oblivious to the Predator-bombing, Glee-loving age we live in today. At least they still play well. “Dialectic Chaos” (shouldn’t it be “Dialectical?”) is the instrumental that kicks off the band’s latest album, “End Game.”


I started wearing a pedometer today, because depending on how many steps you walk, you can win cash prizes at work. It’s so funny — I’m totally curious how much I walk every day!

Addison told me tonight that I am her best friend. So freakin’ cute.

Clouds over the city, obscuring part of the Empire State Building. New York City at night still beautiful…

Have a fantastic weekend!


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