November 17, 2009

Nate Archibald is epic…

Ha ha — those of you who watch Gossip Girl will get that. Those of you who don’t — well, he’s epic!

I am trying to amuse myself because I just watched the most harrowing 60 Minutes piece about how cyber attacks are the biggest threat to the US and that foreign agencies (read: the Chinese) have found a way to break into the electrical grid and they have the potential to bring down the entire grid, knocking power out for months. What?! Then they talked about how this already happened in Brazil. Another problem is that $100 million has been stolen from US banks this year alone through cyber attacks. And while this is terrible, the real fear is that they will bring down the entire banking system, meaning that they will disrupt the normal financial flow, and when you go to take money out of your account, it won’t be there. What?! (I said that a lot during this show.) Then apparently someone hacked into the state of Virginia’s medical records, took all of the info, and wrote a ransom note that they would return it for $10 million dollars. So they held millions of people’s social security numbers, prescriptions and other medical records hostage, and threatened to go public. If you want to be freaked out, watch it yourself here.

Between that and the fact that I did not want to see the poor woman whose face was ripped off by the chimp but it came on the Today show this morning while I was at the gym and I had to watch it and it left me feeling a little sick and a lot bad for the poor woman. I mean, that is crazy on so many levels. I really hope she can get both a face and a hands transplant.

So I’m not sure what my message is today except to say that it’s so much easier to live in a world where the only thing we need to worry about is that Nate Archibald is epic. Sigh…if only.


We watched Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight — very funny. Next week is the season finale and it’s a reunion show for Seinfeld, so it may be worth catching even if you’re not a regular viewer.

I really need to get a grip on my wardrobe. I feel like I wear the same things all the time, even though I have many other pieces at the ready. That would be a good service — someone to come in and show you how to re-mix your wardrobe. I mean a real life service — I feel like there must be a reality show like that.

Oh, Monday. Too early to think about the weekend!


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