Charcoal: More Than Just for Grilling

November 16, 2009

org_767G02_tall_lrgI don’t exactly have time to put on face masks and lay down with some bon bons, but a good face mask every once in a while really does take the doldrums away from dry (or oily) tired skin. One I like is Origins’ Clear Improvement active charcoal mask to clear pores. I’ve been using it for years, and I find that there is actually some noticeable improvement with it. It unclogs any impurities and makes my skin feel deeply clean. They recommend using it once a week, I try for once a month — but it’s good to pull out whenever your complexion is feeling a bit iffy. I pull my hair back, put on the mask and let it dry and go to work while I get ready for my weekend morning shower. By the time I hop under the water, the mask is ready to come off and I get an efficient mini-facial.

It’s $21, and from now through November 19th, head on over to and enter the code NovFF and you’ll get 25% off at their Friends and Family sale. A great deal! (You can get the discount off pretty much everything on the site, except gift sets.)

Savin, Savin, Savin

The Gap must be hurting, because they keep having these days where they just give 25% off the entire store. And they’re not the only ones — pretty much everywhere is having a sale at the moment…From Tuesday November 17th through Sunday November 22nd, head on over to Ann Taylor loft online and enter “Friends,” and you’ll be rewarded with 30% off your order.

The I headed into Juicy Couture on 5th Avenue today because I wanted to look at a winter jacket I had seen online and in a magazine. They were having a Friends and Family 30% off sale too. I found the jacket, and it was a good thing I had come to see it in person before I had it shipped — it had a bunch of details that I didn’t like at all that I hadn’t been able to see in any pictures I had seen. This is my issue with shopping online or in catalogues — you can’t really see the details. It had a rhinestone-encrusted “J” for a zipper pull (ew) and a ruffle going on at the wrists, which was cute but not the look I was going for. Oh well, the quest continues.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Apparently Monday night is the big grand opening party for the new Grey Dog Chelsea on 16th Street. Very exciting! Seems like a bigger space than any of the other ones. This could become our regular hangout. Excellent for breakfast — earlier is better as it tends to get crowded (their other ones, anyway).


The wild and wacky weather continues — from cold and windy (Friday) to warm and rainy (Saturday) to kind of balmy (Sunday), I keep forgetting if I live in New York City or Miami. No palm trees so I guess I’ll go with Nueva York.

We had a birthday party down in SoHo this morning and afterward, we were walking to the subway and saw Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts and their kids. He seemed normal, but she was so gaunt with sunken cheeks and the most ridiculously HUGE sunglasses. I always wonder why famous people wear those, like it’s going to hide them. Anyway they seemed like a happy little family and she has a much stronger accent than you would think.

Then I saw Ira Glass from This American Life in Chelsea this afternoon and he was wearing huge actual glasses, not sunglasses. Not as exciting.

The weekends always seem to go so fast…hope it was a good one!


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