Rain on Me

November 13, 2009

pKCP-6733863v275Lord knows I don’t need another pair of boots, but if I did, I am loving these rubber motorcycle boots from Kenneth Cole. They’re chic and stylish enough to wear them even when it’s not raining! They’re actually men’s, and 100% of the net profits from the $98 purchase price goes to the AWEARNESS Fund, a partnership with AMFAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research. They have a women’s version but it’s a different style altogether, so get these while you can. — click here to buy.

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday Already…and That Means Here’s Ken with the Single of the Week

The other weekend, Austin asked me to read to him. “In a minute,” I said, handed him some gum, a stapler and some old tax returns to play with, and locked myself in my room to find some good pop songs. It took me 2-3 hours, but after meandering along the pop spectrum, I found Kate Miller-Hiedke, an Australian singer with a great warm vibe. Check out her relatively new single, “Caught in the Crowd.”

Then there’s this, which is great in its own right, even though it’s probably being used as an anti-Western jihadi recruitment video.

Click to watch!

Top Ten

I had to laugh at this Top Ten list from Letterman and Michael Buble the other night. So funny.


Well the weekends can really not come soon enough, am I right? We have to do a big ‘ol Target run, which should be fun. I used to feel like I could never get out of there without spending $100, now I easily break the deuce every time. It feels crazy to spend that much on paper towels and soap, but that’s what it comes down to!

We are having some friends over for brunch too — I am trying a new recipe which I hope goes well. And my kids have a birthday party! So I’ll be wrapping some prezzies.

Hope you have some fun things planned. Enjoy!


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