Arts and Crafts

November 11, 2009


Austin's 2009 Turkey

I love celebrating and decorating for the holidays, I just don’t like the commercialization of them. So a great thing to do with your kid(s) is to make some decorations to hang on the door. Every year for Thanksgiving Austin and I make a construction paper turkey for our front door. Yesterday we ran into our neighbor in the elevator and he asked Austin if he was going to make another turkey this year — this spurred us into action. You might want to make one at your house, too. Your involvement really depends on the age and ability of your kids, but it really is a fun project to do together.

All you need is some construction paper in fall colors and one piece of black, scissors, glue and some crayons.

Cut out a shape that resembles a turkey’s body and head — you can use brown or yellow paper. Let your child color it and draw the face on. While they’re coloring, start to cut out some “feathers” in all different colors. The actual size doesn’t matter (they should be appropriate for your turkey’s body), but try and make them uniform. Put them in a pile. Once your child is ready, let them start to glue the feathers onto the top of the turkey’s body. I like to glue them behind so they look nice sticking out from the front, but either way is fine.

Cut out some black legs to glue on, and a pilgrim-esque top hat if you feel the urge. Remember, it doesn’t need to look perfect, that’s part of its charm. Allow the glue to dry and voila! Instant holiday cheer, and time to bond with your kid to boot. Gobble gobble!

Save Me

If you head on over to now through November 15th, enter “HOLIDAY” at checkout and you can get 20% off just about everything for yourself, kids and home. It’s the friends and family sale, and since you’re my friend and this is “family favs,” you’re in!

Mad, Mad World

Well I watched the season finale of Mad Men last night, and it did not disappoint. It really is the best show on TV — just when you think it’s going to take the Hollywood way out, it doesn’t. It’s well acted, well written, well plotted…well, well, well — I won’t spoil anything here. I’ll just say that you have until next summer to catch up on the three seasons you haven’t seen. So excellent!


We had out first parent-teacher conference for Austin today. He brought home his first report card yesterday and he did really well! So cute. It’s so interesting to hear how your child is away from home, with his daily interactions. I really wonder if he’ll end up doing something artistic, because both his nursery school teachers and his current teacher have talked about how well he draws and that his pictures are so detailed. Time will tell!

Almost halfway through the work week!


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