The Price is Right

November 10, 2009

on698587-01qlv01Addison has a really nice pair of Stride Rite Mary Janes, all dark brown suede and embroidered flowers. But now that it’s starting to get colder, I wanted to get her a little pair of boots to keep her tootsies warm, especially in the stroller. I was at Old Navy, and they had the cutest pair of embroidered Ugg-knock offs for $19.50! (You can’t really see the embroidered flowers in this pic, but they’re on the side toward the back.) The fur lining is super warm and they look very cute and stylish on her little legs. I’d say it’s a bargain!

Stroller Recall: What Next?

I’ve only been using my Maclaren Techno XT for close to five years, and now they decide to recall it? Apparently when you close it down, the uncovered part of the hinges can amputate little fingers. Ouch! Consumers can contact Maclaren at 877-688-2326 or visit to receive a free repair kit, which apparently consists of covers for the rest of the hinges.

Not This Nor That

Yesterday we decided to try this organic restaurant a couple of blocks away, Gusto Organics (6th Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets). We sat down and I didn’t realize for a while that Ugly Betty (aka the actress America Ferrara) was having lunch right next to us. She is not only cute, she’s very petite — which is so disgusting, because Hollywood makes her out to be this heifer, on the show and off. H-wood is seriously out of control in many ways. Anyway she was with a guy and a girl, enjoying the zen-like ambiance which was all but ruined when my kids walked in. The food was pretty good — the kids got little pizzas and Ken and I opted for the arugula salad, featuring mango and walnuts and to which I added some organic chicken. The service is spotty. But I like that everything is organic and sustainable, and the prices are fairly reasonable.

Mickey D’s goes for Hip

For several weeks they have been remodeling the McDonald’s around the corner. I know this because we walk by it on the way to school and Austin is always telling me about their progress. This weekend I walked by and did a double take — I thought it was a new, hip coffee bar with Paul Smith-esque striped wallpaper and Knoll furniture. But no, it’s serving the same old MSG-laden crap that will make you thirsty for days. I’m not sure if this is something they plan on rolling out or it’s unique to my neighborhood.  I definitely give them points for trying. If you want one of their new coffee drinks, I can think of worse places to sit. Good luck getting that fry smell off of your clothes.

Diva Meets Diva

I had Rachel Ray on this morning and apparently on Thursday on her show, she and Martha Stewart are going to face off in the kitchen. I think it could be highly entertaining, given that Martha is not good at hiding her disdain for anything. Either way, it has to be better than the mother and daughter Rachel had on today. Why are they feuding? Over who makes the better apple pie. Riveting!


Today was school picture day so Austin and I made sure he looked nice. He was so cute, asking me to comb his hair with water and to wipe his face. We decided to go for a green and white gingham checked Ralph Lauren button down, with jeans and a brown leather belt. So handsome!

I had the day off and it was so gorgeous out! We walked a lot outside and just explored the hood, hit the park with the kids and ran some errands. A great day!


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