Hollywood Inbreeding

November 9, 2009

main_imgSaturday night we had a great date night: dinner at Eatery and then off to see Carrie Fisher — that’s Princess Leia to you — on Broadway in Wishful Drinking.

I’d recommend making a reservation if you’re headed to Eatery (53rd and 9th) pre-theater. They have a varied menu, all at reasonable prices, which isn’t always easy to find in mid-town. The Asian Chicken Salad is tasty, as is the fried calamari appetizer, and the peanut-crusted salmon. The people next to us had the meatloaf, which also looked delicious, with mashed potatoes underneath and thick onion rings on top. Unless you’re drinking to oblivion, two people can have a nice meal for around $75.

Then it was on to the old Studio 54, which is now a theater and currently features Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show. It had gotten good reviews and she’s a funny writer, so we decided to give it a whirl. It did not disappoint. She has had a truly crazy life as the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, the Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt of their day. Until her father left her mother for Elizabeth Taylor (Angelina!). And from there things get crazier, including her marriage to Paul Simon (when describing them being apart due to work, she says he was off “Simon and Garfunkeling”), her marriage to agent Bryan Lourds, who then decided he was gay, her bouts of addiction, her use of electro shock therapy for her bi-polar disorder, her best friend dying next to her in her bed, her feelings about George Lucas owning her likeness, and on and on. She really is gifted with the one-liners, and I won’t ruin most of the surprises here, but one of my favorites is that “celebrity is just obscurity biding its time.”

It always amazes me when someone can stand onstage for close to two and a half hours and keep a packed house entertained with just words. I highly recommend it for a fun night out if you’re at all into pop culture. There’s no moral to the story, really, it’s just that the story’s oh so good.

You can always find women dressed as Princess Leia handing out discount flyers for the show in Times Square. But I would buy in advance, particularly for a weekend, as our show was sold out. Any seat in the theater is good for this production — we sat upstairs and saw everything fine.

Bitter Pill

What? The House of Representatives actually passed some legislation that’s going to help people and improve our lives?! If you are out of a job, or lower income, and without health insurance, and you vote Republican in the next elections, well, no one can save you from yourself. With very, very few exceptions, they have done NOTHING to advance the cause, they have only tried to block every attempt at progress and offer no meaningful alternative except scare tactics and empty rhetoric. Let’s hope the Senate can bring this one home, truly for the people.

Consumer Reports does the job of the Government

I’ve talked about BPA in water bottles, now comes word that Consumer Reports went and did what the FDA should have — they tested food that comes in cans, and lo and behold, the liner in cans that contains BPA is leaching into the food. It’s so disturbing — Canada has outlawed the chemical, which is essentially synthetic estrogen, but we just let it ride, allowing companies to voluntarily eliminate it. Nicholas Kristof wrote an interesting/disturbing piece on it today; read it here.


Ken went to the Eagles vs. Cowboys game in Philadelphia tonight with my sister, made all the more logistically complicated by the fact that SEPTA, the transit workers’ union of Philly, is on strike. Good luck to them getting out of there before 2am tonight with all of the traffic.

Don’t the weekends go so fast? It was a beauty out there today — in the 60s and sunny. Everyone was eating outside. The kids loved not having to wear a jacket. Hope you had a good one!


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