Alllllright, Tights!

October 13, 2009

pSPNX1-4894866t207x260As I was getting ready for work this morning with a chill in the air, it reminded me that one of my favorite discoveries for getting through the cold weather in style is Spanx tights. Yes, Gwyneth and the celeb gang claim they use Spanx undergarments with their gowns, but I think the real gold standard product from the brand is the opaque tights, black specifically. They suck you in in all the right places but are still comfortable, they don’t easily run or pill, and they keep their black color through several washes — none of that icky greenish/black hue seeping in.

I find that one pair lasts throughout the winter season, so the $26 is totally justified in the cost per wear. And if you buy them at Lord and Taylor or another department store, wait for them to have a 15% or 20% off storewide coupon and buy a couple of pairs. They have versions that come way up to your chest, as well as footless ones, but I like the regular Tight-End Tights. The matte look is perfect with everything from a denim to a pencil skirt — and you’ll be warm when the temperature dips, too!

Target, What’s Up

File this one under dumb things stores do. I had to return something to Target this weekend, a $13 item. So I give her my receipt and instead of refunding it to my credit card, she says she has to give me a gift card. Confused, I asked why. She said it was because I used a gift card to pay. I looked at the receipt. On a $279.00 receipt, I used a $25.00 gift card. When I pointed out the absurdity, she said she could try and call to get an override. After a good ten minutes, she informed me there was nothing she could do. I didn’t want to waste any more time, so I let it go. But Target? Truly stupid. And in a day and age where people are watching their pennies and someone is dropping almost $300.00 in your store, seems like maybe you could be a little more customer-friendly. This makes NO sense.


I watched two episodes of Mad Men back to back tonight and all of the cheating is starting to get to me! They have a lovely trip to Rome and then…is nothing sacred?! (I guess if it was we wouldn’t watch.)

I gave my daughter a new comforter to sleep with tonight and she has already been up four times. It’s like anything the slightest bit new in the routine upsets the applecart. It would be annoying enough, but poor Austin has a fever and he keeps getting woken up.

Go Yankees! Go Phillies! You pulled it off in the tundra.

Ciao for now!


One Response to “Alllllright, Tights!”

  1. elledee Says:

    I just bought these great brown fishnets from spanx and I love them:

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