Room Not Bored

October 7, 2009

The Holden Couch...named for my nephew! (ha ha)

The Holden Couch...named for my nephew! (ha ha)

I don’t know why but furniture is one thing I don’t enjoy shopping for. It just feels so daunting. Usually I come up with something in my head that I want, but it’s unclear if it really exists, and then I spend months trying to source it. (This happened with my matte steel dining room table.) But one store I’ve found is a great source for furniture is Room & Board. There are a few stores around the country, including in SoHo, NYC, and one just opened in Los Angeles (Culver City). If you’re not near a store, they have an extensive catalogue and online operation which is also worth checking out. It has a modern, clean sensibility but with a warmth to it, and they sell some name brand products as well as their own line. There is a range of price points, and for the most part I find their prices very reasonable. They have interesting accessories like lamps and carry many options for smaller spaces, like New York City apartments!

We bought a new desk for the kids’ room there, as well as a cabinet for our television. I had looked at the stuff in the showroom, but I ordered it online. The sales help I got on the phone were very helpful with any questions, and once I had the pieces delivered, an associate emailed me to see how we were liking them. While we loved the desk, my husband wasn’t so sure about the TV cabinet. The woman from Room & Board said they wanted us to be happy, so if we wanted them to come and get the cabinet, they would take it back and would only charge us a delivery charge, no restocking fee. Turns out we decided to keep it, but I liked their approach to customer service. And virtually everything is in stock and ready to deliver — meaning no ridiculous wait for your new couch.

Check it out here.

Stop It

You know what I’m really down on? Blogs and magazine pieces that essentially just re-cap an episode of a show. New York magazine has a Vulture blog and they just re-write the plots of the shows they watch. I don’t get it — either you watch the show, so you already saw it and don’t need to read what happened, or you don’t watch the show, in which case you don’t care what happened, or you dvr’d it and you don’t want to ruin it by reading what happened. It just sucks. Stop doing it! If you want to start a chat with others to analyze what happened, do that, but there’s no need to write a synopsis. As my high school history once told my class about some papers we wrote, “It’s an insult to my intelligence.”

Another Piece of Pop Culture I Am Eagerly Awaiting

George Michael’s Live in London DVD comes out on December 7th. That’s right: 23 songs live from his sold out European concert tour. You know, the one where I was in the 7th row. Center.


Well if there was any doubt about Letterman being funny after all that’s happened, he came out and killed it last night. My favorite joke may have been, “Fall is here and I spent the weekend raking up my hate mail.” If you can’t laugh at yourself…

I have resorted to putting ice under my nose, it’s so chapped from blowing it. Argh!

Today I wore a new perfume I bought in France and got several compliments. Tres bien! I’ll have to wear it again.

All right, since I lost the original post of this to the netherworld of computer glitches (so frustrating), I really must hit the hay. Until tomorrow!


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