Tweet, Tweet, Tweetly Deet

September 15, 2009

No, today’s post is not about Twitter. We’re kickin’ it old school…last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna talked about how her sons are now obsessed with Michael Jackson. And I had to laugh, because a by-product of his death has been that not only have I re-discovered all of the great songs of the Jackson 5 and Michael himself, but my kids have become huge fans as well. “The monster song” (Thriller), “the rat song” (Ben) and “that back song” (I Want You Back) are all big hits, but by far the one that they request over and over is “the birdie song,” aka Rockin’ Robin. They’ve learned the words, they sing it as they’re going about their daily lives. At MoMA on Saturday, Addison was singing, “tweet tweet” and a man working there asked if she was singing Rockin’ Robin. She stopped in her tracks and couldn’t believe he knew the song too. He then proceeded to sing it with her as she danced down the hall.

I’ve mentioned before that Ken and I aren’t huge fans of typical “kid” songs. So it’s great when the tots love the same songs we do. Whether you have kids or not, Rockin’ Robin is a great one to add to your playlist; pop at its best. And if you watch this video of young Michael performing it with his brothers, in all of its 70s glory, you can see why that kid was a superstar. Charisma in spades. RIP.

Guys Listen Up

I’ve noticed that when guys go out they either gravitate toward a black t-shirt or some sort of printed button down. Which is fine, but if you want to mix it up, there are a lot of nice, rich colors out there — I like jewel tones for the fall/winter. (Right now every guy’s eyes just glazed over as they try to fathom what the heck jewel tones are.) We’re talking a deep green, a nice navy blue, maybe even a rich maroon, depending on your coloring. Leave the pastels to the spring and summer. Break out of your rut and try something new — chances are people will notice (for the better)!


I’m still functioning on my sleep deficit. I think I need to get used to the fact that I may be in this state til Addison goes to college. It’s a wonder some days that both of my shoes match. (Sigh).

OMG! Gossip Girl is back tonight. Can’t wait to see what the kids were up to over the summer. Something tells me Chuck and Blair won’t be living happily ever after…but we’ll have to tune in and find out.

I just saw that Patrick Swayze died. Pancreatic cancer is no joke. No one I have ever heard about getting it — my own grandmother included — beats it. We’ll always have Baby in the corner…

Until tomorrow…


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