Another Actress Opens Her Mouth

September 11, 2009

Guest blogger Tori is back with another actress-turned-single of the week! Take it away, Tori:

As self-appointed celebs-who-also-make-music Family Favs guest blogger, I thought I’d follow up last week’s Scar-Jo post with a shout out to another it-girl who sings, Ms. Zooey Deschanel. Perhaps you’ve noticed that no matter what movie she’s in – Elf, Yes Man, 500 Days of Summer – not only does she have a wicked cute wardrobe, she (or her director) finds a way to get her singing on film. Well, there’s a reason. She’s got a totally cool, albeit a little weird, voice, and is the “She” half of indie duo She & Him. Singer/songwriter M. Ward is the ying to her kind of sickeningly adorable yang. They put out an album last year –  entitled Volume One – full of vintagey, swingin’ sixties-y, sometimes slightly countrified loveliness.  Here’s one of the songs, which I believe was the first single. Check out Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? if ya ain’t already heard it.

(For some reason it will not let me embed the clip tonight so please click here if you want to watch!)

The Prez

As I was watching part of Obama’s health care speech, one thing struck me: why do the wives always have to go to these things? All of Congress’ spouses don’t show up. When I’ve given speeches my husband doesn’t show up. It’s odd that we make the First and Second ladies so important and yet so…not important.

And as for the heckler, well I was glad to learn this morning that the Republican “You liar!” shouter’s opponent in his House race in South Carolina took in 3,000 new grass roots donations overnight, totaling almost $100K. I think people have had enough name calling.


So glad the weekend is almost here! Lots of friends coming into town. My kids have about 7 birthday parties in the next two weeks so I need to get on the present bandwagon…

Hope you have a lot of fun things planned! Enjoy it.


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