Smells Be Gone

September 3, 2009

First off, I cannot believe that Demi Moore is saying she has never had plastic surgery. First, there’s her boobs (hello?!) and then the fact that her face has less lines on it than she did at 25. Come on, people — just say nothing, so you don’t incriminate yourself…

ahprod2Anyway, today let’s deal with smells. And how to get rid of them. If you don’t have an Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Fridge-N-Freezer pack in both your fridge and freezer, get one. The sides peel off and you’re left with an easy to use way to keep your stuff smelling great. It really does absorb odors and leave your fridge smelling like nothing, which is how it should be. They suggest changing the box every 30 days, I think you can go a bit longer without sacrificing anything. (Just be sure not to use the pack from your fridge to cook with — the odors do affect the taste, so buy another little box for that.)

And I recently discovered that some baking soda in the laundry helps to eliminate odors there, too. Addison had a plastic bib that was smelling pretty bad, having been wiped down with a sponge one too many times. I was just going to throw it out, but my mom washed it in the mini-basket with some baking soda, and voila! No more smell.

This is good to know because I don’t like things like Febreeze in that it just sprays another odor (albeit more pleasant) over the offending odor, but doesn’t eliminate it. The baking soda actually seems to neutralize the smell and make it be gone, which gives new life to rooms, carpets, appliances and clothing. And at less than $1 a box, it’s a bah-gain! (I buy it at Target; most supermarkets carry it as well.)

Cheap Makeup

Remember the Hard Candy line of cosmetics? I liked their wacky colored polishes, which came with a plastic ring on top. Apparently it’s coming back, to Wal-Mart stores in September. Which means I will never get it. But if you can stomach going in and giving your money to Wal-Mart, apparently nothing in the new Hard Candy line will top $10.

Order Like a Pro

Frank Bruni, who just finished up his stint as the restaurant critic for the NY Times, offered this advice on what to order off a menu to GQ: “Look at the list of appetizers and entrées … Cross out the the appetizers and entrées you’ve seen at every other restaurant — that’s the chef and restaurateur playing to the lowest common denominator. Then find the weirdest dish, and cross each of those off because that’s the chef indulging his or her own worst vanity. And look at the dishes left and order from those.” Got it?


Well kids, get ready because apparently every school-aged child will be getting a free swine flu shot this fall…I guess that’s a good thing. I just hope they’ve taken the time to examine any side effects, in their rush to get everything ready. It’s scary! Just wash your hands every chance you get.

Have you noticed that every time a critic of a public option for health care comes on TV, they never talk about what their ideas are, only about how a public option would be terrible and oh by the way the government is going to send death squads to your house if Obama has his way? Does anyone really think our current system is the best it can be? If costs continue to rise at the rate they have been, health care will shortly amount to 24% of the GDP. That’s bananas. I’m hopeful the Blue Dogs will come around to get something meaningful done, since the Republicans seem to be sitting this one out. It truly has the potential of changing every American’s life for the better.

This week marked David Letterman‘s 16th anniversary on CBS. Happy Anniversary! So scary because I remember exactly where I was when the show started — on a business trip in Los Angeles. And I was moving apartments on September 1st of that year — I moved into my own apartment in the Village — no roommates! It seems so long ago…now I have three roommates, and I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon.

Until tomorrow…


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