Prada and Lanvin and Thakoon, Oh My!

September 2, 2009

NY_03Given the crappy retail season (make that seasons) stores have been going through, it stands to reason that places like Loehmann’s, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s should have a plethora of goods to get their hands on, since not much sold at the non-discounted department stores. This proved true at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, happening now at 255 West 17th Street. It started back on August 20th, and I would venture to guess that there was even more good stuff, but I went on Sunday afternoon and there was still some good stuff to be had, and now all shoes and women’s designer duds are an extra 40 percent off, and ready to wear is an extra 25 percent off. If you wear heels, the shoe selection was fantastic. Manolos, Prada, Miu Miu, Marc by Marc Jacobs, YSL, Dries Van Noten…really a slew of designer footwear. They had the designer clothes divided by designer, which I can’t remember them doing before (it was just by size). The kids stuff was picked over, and I just walked through the men’s stuff, but it seemed chock-full of a bevy of designers. You have to be prepared to sift through to find something good, but if you score, you can score pretty big. I got Addison a brown cashmere winter hat with an adorable flower on the side — originally $96, was $14.90, as well as a Little Marc Jacobs cream canvas skirt – originally $105, was $28. For me, I nabbed a super soft striped Prada cashmere sweater — originally $695, was $159. It goes til September 7th, so if you’re in town and you have the time, check it out.


It’s really fascinating (and somewhat sad) to see all of the businesses that have closed around the city, victims of the recession. Gerry’s, a clothing store on 8th Avenue in Chelsea, had a less than helpful sales staff but they carried a lot of great lines (Plenty by Tracey Reese, Ben Sherman, etc,). Now it’s gone to the big store in the sky. John Dory, a fish restaurant from the minds behind the Spotted Pig (a very tasty place), was somewhere I’ve been meaning to try since it opened. No chance, since it bit the big kahuna this weekend. (Rumor has it it might open somewhere else with more foot traffic.) And Cafe Des Artistes, the scene of many romantic evenings for all kinds of New Yorkers, went on vacation a few weeks ago and just announced that they won’t be coming back. Couple this with the info that a strip of empty storefronts in Union Square is threatening to rent to TGI Friday’s if they can’t find someone else, and it’s a very depressing situation, indeed.


On a brighter note, Baja Fresh is scheduled to open another location at 41st and Broadway on September 14th. Ole!

Eating Etiquette

If someone cooks you something, here’s a tip: do not take out condiments that the chef has not offered you. It’s rude. If someone cooks you, say, cod, do not take out barbecue sauce or ketchup or mustard unless it’s offered, because someone could take it as a slam on her cooking. I’m just sayin’…


Austin asked me tonight where the tooth fairy’s office was. “Los Angeles?” he wondered. I had to laugh.

The wildfires in California are crazy. It’s really scary, and I feel like it keeps getting worse every year, threatening more and more neighborhoods. I heard the size of the fires is now bigger than the size of Boston and Minneapolis combined. Good luck to the firefighters, and the people who live there.

For those of you who subscribe, I’m not sure why it’s taking so long to get an email when there’s a new post. I did a little maintenance, so hopefully it will correct itself. It’s possible some of you may have missed yesterday’s post, so you may want to read down for the full, post-vacation scoop!

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I am loving this 78 degree weather. It’s fantastic! I’m sure we’ll have some Indian Summer in the next few weeks, but it’s groovy.

Hope your week is going well!


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