End the Week with a Song

August 21, 2009

Our friend Matt was in from Australia so I’m getting a late start on the blog tonight (hi Liz!)…let’s get right to Ken and the Single of the Week:
End of Summer Song, Part II
When Malawian musician Esau Mwamwaya pairs up with a dude named Radioclit, you kind of expect the worst. But their collaboration – via the band The Very Best – fusing post-colonial pop with the traditional music of Malawi has produced one of the more genuinely uplifting tunes of the summer. Check out The Warm Heart of Africa here.
Keep Yer Trap Shut
Don’t you hate those people who always have to one up you? You know the ones — you talk about how you’re busy, and they tell you how they’re that much busier. You tell them about a frustrating experience at, say, the post office, and they barely wait for your story to finish before they tell you that they had a much more frustrating experience once. The next time someone does that to me I think I’m just going to walk away. I think that’s the most appropriate response. I cannot commiserate with these people. I just must walk away because they are so, so ANNOYING. (Sigh.)
It is so freakin’ sticky out — the humidity really does make the heat that much worse.
I have one more day of work and then I am off for vacation — it can’t come soon enough (please see previous paragraph about annoying people)…and that means Family Favs is going on vacation, too, unless I get some inspiration and feel like sharing. But I’ll be back with all new posts in a week or so.
Until then, enjoy life!

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