Summer Cinema

August 18, 2009

000posterFor me, summer blockbusters are fine, but I like a nice, well crafted film to help me escape the summer heat. (There’s nothing like an over-air-conditioned theater on a 90 plus degree day.) 500 Days of Summer fits the bill. Well written, acted, directed, etc., the story is about the main character, Tom, and his 500 day relationship with Summer. The part that makes it more interesting is that the story is not told chronologically; you know what happened on, say, day 187 before you know what happened on day 11. And you know right up front that things don’t work out. The movie’s tagline tells you: This is not a love story. It is a movie about love. (As an added bonus, Zooey Deschanel, who plays Summer, wears the same shirt that I own in one of the scenes on the train. That alone is worth the price of admission! ha ha) My favorite part was a post-sex scene set to Hall and Oates’ You Make My Dreams. Very cute and funny.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives an excellent performance as Tom. You might remember him as the kid from Third Rock From the Sun. He also looks a lot like Heath Ledger, which was kind of creepy.

So when you’re done with GI Joe and G-Force and all of the rest of the blowing stuff up movies at the multiplex, make way for 500 Days of Summer. It’s a winner!

Dancing With The People You May Have Heard Of

The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced this morning, and I think “stars” is a little generous for some of these people. Ashley Hamilton, George Hamilton’s son? Mark Dacascos, The Chairman on Iron Chef America? Louie Vito, snowboarder? And my absolute favorite, Tom DeLay, former House majority leader. (He forgot to add “who resigned in disgrace” to his resume for the show.) I don’t watch the show, but I think of everyone on there, I’d have to pick Donny Osmond as the only person I’d root for. My husband would probably go with former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin. The whole things sounds like a bit of a mess to me, but I guess that’s what they’re going for.

Economy Brings…

In my ongoing following of how the economy is making some businesses more customer-friendly, we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory this weekend and surprise, surprise, they introduced a children’s menu. It used to be that we would just order the kids a grilled cheese with broccoli to split, but now they have a whole host of options, all around $5/$6. And the really great bargain was that for dessert, the kids each got 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top, for $1! They loved it. They also had some specials, all priced around $12, which seemed like another nod to being more wallet-friendly.


I’ve heard Mad Men was great last night. I haven’t watched it yet. Hopefully I have time tonight. I’m all consumed with the project in the kids’ room, so the little TV I’d like to watch has taken a back seat.

I have a little left to do on my project in the kids’ room, and then completion!

We decided we were going to wait to potty train Addison until October, after we get back from a trip we’re going on, even though she has told us she wants to use the toilet for months now. She has decided she can’t wait, and every day she has used the toilet, twice today. She wants to be like the big kids! You can’t keep a good woman down, as they say.

Enjoy the week!


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