Do Something

August 17, 2009

imagesYou may have noticed that I haven’t said much about the health care debate going on all around us, in the usually quiet (for politics, anyway) month of August. This is mainly because I am flummoxed once again how the Conservative movement twists, turns and out and out lies to get people to go against their self interests. Do people really think the government is going to send a worker to examine everyone over 65 in the country and see if they should be put to death? (This from the government that doesn’t even have enough employees to investigate a peanut factory that is churning out salmonella?) Sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what one woman got up and asked President Obama about. Another woman got up and started screaming that she didn’t want the government to start running Medicare and ruin it. Someone explained to her that Medicare is already a government program. And these are from the people on the opposition who actually civilly ask questions. The rest are just there to disrupt the conversation and stop any sort of honest debate. Very productive.

Anyone who thinks we can do nothing and just let the system be is crazy. 46% of the bankruptcies in this country are due to health care costs. The fact that health insurance is tied to a job in a world where people no longer stay at any one job more than a few years at a time doesn’t work. Think about it, what’s the biggest fear for someone when they lose a job? Yes, loss of income, but no health insurance is right alongside it. What if we could eliminate that stress from every American’s life?

It should not be up to bean counters at a for-profit venture to decide what procedures you can and cannot get. It’s laughable how people are up and arms that the government might make these decisions with a public plan — the private insurance companies are already doing this, and if you think they have the good of the people top of mind, think again. Remember I said it was a for-profit venture.

If you haven’t read Obama’s Op-Ed in the Times today about the subject, read it for yourself here. Then decide where you stand in the debate. And speak up. Because if it doesn’t get passed this time, there might not be a next time to make your voice heard.


Austin is away at his grandparents, so we are a one-child household once again. We miss him! But Addison is loving it. It’s actually really funny to watch. She doesn’t have to worry about anyone taking her toys, pushing her down, or generally cramping her style. Exciting!

I am doing a project in Austin’s room while he’s away, and I want to have it done when he gets back. It’s a whole city scene on his walls. I am about half way done, so I feel good about my progress! It’s good to have a project to keep me occupied.

The weekends go so fast. It’s a little sad. I actually like working and generally don’t mind the routine, but when it’s hot out I would just like to head out to the beach for a month and do nothing but sit on the sand with some good magazines. Oh well.

Hope you had a great one!


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