Lofty Offerings

August 12, 2009

232280_6705_category130x169I believe I wrote previously about how I never shop at Ann Taylor, but I’m thinking of checking it out since they got a new designer (from Club Monaco) and the few looks I saw seemed cooler than what I’d ever seen from them. Well, apparently they’ve updated their Loft stores’ merchandise, as well. I’m not sure what made me walk in to the Loft store at the Short Hills Mall except that I was alone (a rare occurrence) and I pointedly told myself not to shop for my kids, since I had the luxury of being able to try stuff on, and this was the first store I saw. I was shocked that there were a few things I wanted: comfortable tops with feminine details like shirred collars and ruffles, linen jackets that would be perfect over a t-shirt for work, and an army green trench that had all kinds of interesting details. (This last trench is sold out everywhere in the NYC area, so I have them trying to track it down at a store around the country.) Everything is done in neutral colors so you can pair it with just about anything. Some of the designs still aired on the side of fussy, and some of the shirts were a little too thin (i.e. cheap), but overall, for the low pricepoint, it’s worth checking out. Most things are under $100, and check online if you can find a coupon. I did and scored a 30% off friends and family offer!

Wall Street = Irritating

I try not to get too bent out of shape when Washington does things that I think are stupid. The whole Hank Paulson/Goldman Sachs thing seems remarkably fishy, but maybe he had a reason to be in contact with them hundreds of times while he was letting Lehman go under. What do I know? Well, here’s what I know: we as taxpayers bailed these guys out from the brink of destruction to the tune of several hundred billion dollars, and now they want to do whatever they want to do, pay people whatever they want to pay them, and generally not be bothered with any sort of regulation to stop them from getting the whole world into the economic mess they got us into in the first place. Guess what, that smells. And if Obama can’t do anything about it, the guy who ran on the notion that he was going to change Washington, then the system is beyond broken. You know what Wall Street? The government didn’t bail out my industry, and people lost their jobs. They didn’t bail out thousands of other businesses who went under and left their workers unable to pay their bills. So sorry if we’re not empathetic to the fact that your executives can’t be paid more than a few million a year. Is a job on Wall Street really worth more than a job at the DHL plant? You should be thanking your lucky stars that you were bailed out at all, and your firms were saved along with your jobs. Without us, there goes your club membership in Greenwich. So the next time Congress suggests regulations to protect consumers from predatory lending and generally tries to safeguard against our entire economy collapsing once again, please just shut up.


Busy week at work…by the time I get home and hang out with the kids, it’s so late for them to go to bed and then I still need to eat dinner! Oh well.

Maybe I’ll go disrupt a health coverage town hall with all my free time. (Freaks.)

Hope your week is going well!


One Response to “Lofty Offerings”

  1. lizgoldberg Says:

    I also find that the jeans and cords (yes, it is winter down here in Australia) at Loft are fantastic as well and worth checking out.

    I agree with you about Wall Street – particularly this year’s outrageous bonuses.

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