Mad For It

August 11, 2009

s3-keyart-789On Sunday. August 16th, it’s back: Mad Men on AMC. If you watch it, you’ve been excited for months. If you haven’t watched it, you are truly missing out and I am telling you early enough in the week so you can see if your cable or satellite company has any episodes on demand, or you can run out to the store now to buy the dvds of seasons one and two, or, at the very least, check out this site, watch last season’s finale and familiarize yourself with all things Sterling Cooper. (That’s the ad agency where the main character, Don Draper, is the creative director.) New York magazine did a handy overly simplified synopsis of the first two seasons. (Click here.) This upcoming season is reportedly set in 1963, and they’re going to deal with the Kennedy assassination and everything else those turbulent times had going on.

I am not one of those people who thinks every show I watch is great and then try to push it on people. I am also not one of those people who watch a lot of shows. In fact, I didn’t start watching Mad Men until last summer, right before season 2 started. I had heard about it, heard it was fantastic, some people whose opinions I respect liked it, so I watched season one on demand. I was hooked. The quality is incredible — every episode feels like a one hour movie. The acting is terrific, the writing authentic, the sets and costumes so beautiful in their art direction. There’s so much smoking that I feel like I’ve taken it up when I watch. Recent reviews I’ve read of season 3 call the show “the best on television” and “genius.” Doesnt get much better than that.

It’s on AMC,  Sundays at 10pm. Of course you can dvr it and watch it whenever you want. I’ve given you fair warning, people. Get up to speed and watch — it really is television at its best.

No lettuce? No problem!

I’ve been trying to bring my lunch to work here and there, mainly because I felt like my portions at lunch in the restaurants were too big. So I made a turkey sandwich this morning only to find we were out of lettuce. I like a little crunch with my deli meat, so normally I would sub fresh spinach. None of that either. So I went British and thinly sliced some cucumber onto the turkey. Delicious! Try it the next time you’re low on greens — or just for something different!

Speaking of bringing lunch — I found a great solution to needing salad dressing on the days I bring a side salad with my sandwich. Hidden Valley Ranch makes a light version in single serving packs. Works over a salad or as a dip with some carrots or celery. I found it at Target — you get 6 for about $3.50. (They’re a little more than a single serving for me, but I tape it closed, refrigerate it and use it the next time too.)


Steamy today! Over 90 degrees means you can feel it, for real. (Especially on the subway platforms.) Maybe the guys who work out at my gym in jeans can give it a rest for a few days. (Isn’t that gross?!) I was going to make chicken with pesto sauce for dinner but I don’t want to turn on the oven. I think we’ll have some salmon, cooked in the microwave.

The big news in our house is that Austin seems to have been bitten by a spider. This is really crazy because we live on the 18th floor in downtown New York City. But anyway, his ankle has swelled up and is black and blue, he’s got all this blistering on the back of his ankle that is leaking clear fluid, and it just generally looks disgusting! The doctor said it will take a week to go away. As he would say, awesome!

Hope you’re all arachnid-free!


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