Robbie is Back

August 7, 2009

No one is going to care about this but me, but hey — that’s why it’s called “Family Favs”! Robbie Williams, one of the biggest pop stars just about everywhere else but here, has a new album coming out on November 9th. The first single drops October 12th. If you want to check out a video of Robbie’s first day back at work (I should put “work” in quotes since the guys a freakin’ pop star) click here.

This new album is a big deal because frankly, his last album sucked. And before that he had several awesome ones. What changed? He ditched his songwriting partner! Guy Chambers was co-responsible for a slew of hits with him, and they had a fight over money and credit and then it was all over. Then a non-Guy album came out, tanked, and then they were supposedly getting back together, but Robbie found out Guy was secretly working with some of Robbie’s ex-bandmates from Take That, and it all went south again. (As I write this I am realizing I know way too much backstory.)

So we’ll see…I’m excited! If you’re not familiar with Robbie, (and if you like cheeky British pop singers, you really should be) here’s something to wet your whistle. (There are SO many great tunes, I decided to go with Rock DJ.)

Batter Up

Here’s Ken, knocking in the Single of the Week:

When French filmmakers and earnest British alt-rockers collaborate, Americans typically treat it like healthcare reform: very nice, but not really for us. This time, it’s a little different. Snow Patrol sets their melodic and atmospheric Open Your Eyes against a short, single-shot film by Claude Lelouch, who mounted a camera to his sports car and drove like a madman through the streets of Paris. After running red lights and countless near misses (Lelouch was arrested after the movie’s first screening), the driver brings us to a typically French denouement that takes place near Sacre-Coeur.

To watch it, click here.

The Rundown

Goodbye Paula Abdul…everyone will still watch American Idol. Nice ploy, though.

Congratulations to Judge Sotomayor…please save us from Alito.

Goodbye John Hughes…Breakfast Club truly did define a generation. Thank you.


I saw the craziest thing last night: a baby (could not have been more than 6 months old) in a carriage, with a dvd player at its feet, playing some sort of cartoon. That poor kid!

I’m so excited the weekend is just about here! We’ve got a lot planned: passport renewal, dinners out, Guggenheim, children’s theater…have a good one!


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