Water, Water, Everywhere

August 6, 2009

Bill Clinton to the rescue!!

imagesI just had to get that off my chest…Anyway…are you drinking enough water?? Now that it actually feels like summer in NYC — and the Western part of the country is definitely hot too — let’s focus on why water matters. Yes, it’s about keeping yourself hydrated to ward off lightheadedness, but H2O does so much more:

1. Water fights bad breath.

2. Water keeps you regular.

3. Water can help fill you up if you’re looking to cut calories.

How much should you drink? Dr. Oz says your urine should be almost clear — so you could read a newspaper through it. (Don’t try that at home.)

And you might want to invest in a good stainless steel or non-BPA plastic water bottle, since they say regular plastic water bottles can transfer chemicals into the water, particularly if you freeze and thaw it, which some people like to do. And while they sell lots of fancy things to purify your water, carbon filters do the trick just fine (like a Brita). If you’re in an older building, older pipes tend to transfer some icky things into the water as it moves through, so you probably do want to filter it thoroughly.

Here’s a water toast from me to you!


As if I needed a reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys even more, apparently at their new stadium, a large pizza will cost $90…everything’s bigger in Texas!

Rodarte will be the next designers to do a line for Target, out December 20th. They tend to specialize in dresses, which doesn’t thrill me, but I will definitely check it out.


I really wish I could sleep late tomorrow. I was out for my friend Suzanne’s birthday…

Hope you’re having a great week!


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