Know What Goes Into Your Mouth

August 4, 2009

I had a loooong day, so let’s get to it. (The best part was when the local train I caught to come home went express and I got home about 3 minutes sooner. Yes!)

In NYC they passed a law about a year ago that chains had to post the calories of their offerings on the menu. This means that customers can actually see what they’re about to ingest. Because chances are you’re way under-estimating the calorie count in that Big Mac. For example, when traveling, I sometimes have no options in airports. In LAX, there’s a Burger King. I always got the veggie burger since I don’t eat red meat and I thought it was healthier. Wrong! It packs almost as many calories as the Whopper. For an afternoon snack, I would sometimes get a piece of reduced fat coffee cake and a skim latte from Starbucks. Well, since they started posting calories, I’ve learned that this little snack was almost 600 calories. That’s a meal in itself.

There are a lot of debates about posting the calories, of course the restaurant industry hates it, but I find it really helps me to make more informed, better choices for myself. If you don’t live in a place where they’re required to post it, usually places will have pamphlets (Starbucks) or will have the info posted somewhere if you ask (supposedly McDonald’s). Online sites also often have the ingredients and calorie counts. So if you’re inclined to take an extra few minutes, chances are you’ll make different decisions when it comes to ordering.

Because doctors have shown that every meal can make a difference — where high fat, fried meals take a toll on the body, good meals (like salmon, fruit, brown rice) can actually aid the body by opening up arteries, for example. A producer on Good Morning America tested her blood after eating a high fat meal from some popular chain restaurants, and then again when she ate a healthy meal from these same restaurants. The results confirmed that the healthy meal was better than neutral — it actually helped the body to function even better. Pretty remarkable food for thought!

mcd-angus-print1-073009That Said

If you want to indulge, McDonald’s is apparently launching its first new burger in 8 years: the Angus Deluxe. Just when you thought they only sold coffee!

Where Have all the Pages Gone?

Have you seen the September issue of Vogue? That thing is usually heavy enough to kill someone. (Presumably someone wearing white after Labor Day.) Now I’m not sure it would even cause a bruise. Sad! The ad market — particulalry for newspapers and magazines — is really bad. If it doesn’t pick up soon, I think we’re going to be saying bye to some favorites. We usually read the NY Times online, but recently Ken had a copy of the Sunday magazine, and not only were there hardly any ads, the ads that were there were like, “As seen on TV!”

It’s Never Too Late

This should give all of us some inspiration: apparently Kanye West is interning at The Gap. Hilarious — I guess he’s friendly with Patrick Robinson, the head designer, so he’s been shadowing him and there’s unconfirmed talk of of a Kanye line for The Gap. Interesting! It’s never too late, people!!


I had so many meetings today. It’s impossible to get any work done when you’re running from meeting to meeting. So then you end up trying to get everything done after 6pm, which is no fun. But that’s how it goes, I guess.

Everyone is complaining about how much rain we’ve gotten this summer. When we were driving to Pennsylvania on Saturday it was incredible how green everything was, in August. I guess the reservoirs, which are usually reaching dangerous levels of depletion come this time of year, are almost 100% full.

Is it only Monday?! Make it stop!


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