It’s the Humidity

July 30, 2009

SO I wasn’t going to blog tonight because I was on the Upper East Side at a lovely wine tasting, but I feel the need to give something, so I have a few random thoughts.

joan-red-cwbThey taped the Comedy Central roast of Joan Rivers in LA last week and to say it was raunchy would be an understatement. I’ve just heard some of the jokes and…wow. I think my favorite one I’ve heard was from Brad Garrett, who said that “Joan has f**ked more Jews than Bernie Madoff.” They’re running a somewhat sanitized version on August 9th at 10pm, and then they’ll run an uncut version late night soon after. Poor Joan.

You may remember that I previously blogged how sad we were that Maroon’s closed, a fantastic carribean/southern restaurant down our block. I’m still bummed, but a sign I saw today perked me up a little bit. Apparently Grey Dog is moving in! For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a really tasty breakfast and lunch spot with two locations in the Village — good coffee, omelettes, muffins…all very fresh and (for nyc) reasonably priced. I think it’s opening in the fall. Things are looking up!

That’s all I got in the tank. More tomorrow. I went out two nights in a row and I am missing the kiddies.

But I did have an excellent Graff Riesling at the tasting! We bought a bottle and they are delivering it tomorrow. Very nice people in attendance. If only Addison would sleep a little later tomorrow!

C ya…


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