You CAN Afford to Eat Here

July 17, 2009

02_SRW09slideIn many ways, going to a nice restaurant and dropping $200 on a meal feels so 2007. That’s why New York City Restaurant Week feels so right for our times. (And, FYI, this year it’s a recession-friendly July 12 – 31, which is actually 3 weeks for those of you playing at home.) Here’s the deal: over 250 of the city’s top restaurants participate with 3 course meals, some just for lunch, some also do dinner, during the week and sometimes Sundays too. Lunch is $24.07, dinner is $35. That’s right, for 3 courses. Country? DB Bistro Moderne? Del Posto? Le Cirque? All participating. It’s a great way to try that place you’ve always wanted to try, without breaking the bank. Ken and I will be hitting Mesa Grill one night.

For all the deets, click here. And enjoy!

Single of the Week

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for Ken and the Family Favs’ Single of the Week. Take it away!

I have dreams – of being a 700-pound shut-in, a maitre fromager at a restaurant in Tuscany and a member of a coed Brit-pop band. “Ken,” you would say, “the first two dreams are understandable and, in many ways, attainable. But the third? Why pop? Why in the UK? And why coed?” “Friend,” I would say, “I love the 90s Brit-pop movement, am a slave to choreography and matching outfits, would love my homebase to be continental Europe rather than swampy Orlando, and would relish being the non-threatening, effete bandmate of some totally hot babes.” Click here for a glimpse of my dreams.

Random Tips

Did you know it’s more effective to put your anti-perspirant on at night, before bed?

And a fan is apparently more effective at keeping mosquitos away than a citronella candle.

Who knew?


Who turned up the heat? Ugh — we knew the mugginess would come at some point.

I am looking forward to the weekend…Austin and I are headed to a family reunion.

Hope you have some fun things planned!


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