Cheap Pants (It’s That Simple)

July 7, 2009

on633483-05viv01I am usually not a huge Old Navy fan for myself. I do think they’ve improved their kids stuff (mainly by getting the Old Navy logo off of everything) but for adults I find the quality too poor for my tastes. Because while cheap (price-wise) is good, truly cheap just sucks.

But they have a pair of summer chino capris that I must recommend: Women’s Perfect Khaki Capris. While I wouldn’t go that far, they do fit well, the fabric is a good weight, and I’ve washed them a few times and the color is still holding (not a given with Old Navy). They come in black, light gray, white, khaki and brown. And I don’t know about you, but I am (correction: my kids are) so hard on my summer wear between all of the time in the park, the sweating, the sticky ice cream fingers, cherry juice, etc. — I always seem to have some unidentified stain that won’t come out. At this price, I don’t get concerned.

The selection of sizes online is not great at this point — and I have seen them cheaper than they are right now, so I would check your local Old Navy store to see if you can find a better deal and/or your size and color. ($26.50 at

Friends need “friend”

Perhaps you’ve come to July and realized that you could use some new summer basics to freshen up your look. Check out the — enter the code “FRIEND” at checkout from now through midnight on July 9th and you can take 20% off your purchase. Since things are already on sale, you can probably score some bargains. You’re welcome!


My invite must’ve been lost in the mail for the Michael Jackson circus — I mean memorial — that is taking place tomorrow. That the Today show is shipping Meredith Viera out to LA for it was bad enough, but then I saw that Brian Williams will be anchoring NBC’s live coverage of it. This country is really wacky…can someone say “diversion”??

Note to anyone who rides an elevator, subway, or any other sort of confined space (so that means you): If you are not getting off at the next stop, MOVE! You shifting an inch to the right to let out a pack of people who need to vacate is not going to help. I know this might be a novel concept, but you might actually have to STEP OUT OF THE WAY. Ah, I feel a little better…

Today was Austin’s first day of camp and he seemed to love it. It’s a long day for him — 9am to 4pm. I didn’t get much detail but apparently he made a lion mask and had pasta, meatballs and a popsicle for lunch. I know he was happy to see all of his friends. We all went to drop him off for his first day and Addison cried that she wanted to stay at camp. We promised we would send her one day.

Speaking of Addison, I think she gave me her summer cold! Just in the last hour my nose is running like crazy.

80 degrees with no humidity is awesome, right?

Hope you all had a good Monday…rock on!


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