When Wine-ing is Good

July 6, 2009

Hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July! The weather was great on the beach where we were, so it made the weekend that much more fun. The kids had a blast digging holes, jumping the waves, going on the rides at the boardwalk and running through this sprinkler contraption that squirts water every which way and then shoots balls into the air. (I really should do a post about it — the kids loved it!) And Austin had his first sleep over — his buddy Sydney stayed over Saturday night and they had a great time chatting, singing and playing. Very cute.

Marquis-Philips-11068_MEDWe had a barbecue on Saturday night with friends and family and celebrated Addison’s actual second birthday (complete with a  flag cake that her grandmother made). Entertaining gave us an excuse to buy some alcohol, and it reminded me of my favorite red wine: Marquis Philips 2006 Shiraz from Australia. I should say that I am definitely not a wine expert, but I do know what I like, and this is good stuff if you’re a red wine fan. We first had a bottle at the now-defunct Specchio at the Borgata in Atlantic City. I never write the name down of any wine we have in a restaurant, but Ken and I both liked it so much that we made a note and when we happened to be at the liquor store a few nights later, we found it and bought a bottle. It’s definitely a full-bodied taste — and very smooth. Great with Italian food or any meat. To me, it’s what a red wine should taste like; not too bitter or acidic, fruity with a bit of a spicy kick. We had friends over one night who are really into wine, and without prompting they started asking about it and couldn’t believe it was Australian and under $20 a bottle. Definitely a find! (I’ve been buying it for $15 at Joe Canal’s in Southern New Jersey. I found it online here for $18.)

Money Saving Tip

I haven’t been going to the supermarket too much lately because Ken and Austin had made it a regular thing, but today Austin and I went to Whole Foods and when I went to buy some chicken breast, I realized if I bought a “family pack” the chicken was over $3 a pound less. So if I was buying a little over a pound (about 3 breasts) it was $6.99 per pound, but if I bought two and a half pounds (about 6 breasts) it was $3.49 per pound. That’s a big savings! And it’s so easy to come home, take out what you need in the next day or two and freeze the rest for next week (or whenever). Definitely check this out in your market as it’s such an easy way to save a few dollars every time you buy chicken.


Wouldn’t it be great if Sarah Palin resigned and went away forever? Fat chance…

Keep your eye on Iran — do not be distracted by the Michael Jackson circus! That the clerics broke rank and want to throw out the results of the election is incredible. This kind of thing didn’t even happen in the U.S. of A. in 2000 when there were so many voting irregularities.

Not to end on a downer, but it was kind of startling to me to read that unemployment is creeping toward 10% as everyone was out shooting off fireworks. It’s sobering to remember that behind those statistics, every lost job is another story, another family that is struggling to survive. Yet another reminder for us all to be thankful for what we have.

July has begun! Enjoy every minute…


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