Reef Madness

July 1, 2009

While everyone else celebrates Bernie Madoff rotting in hell, let’s talk about flip flops. (Why not?)

I should preface this discussion by saying that my pilates teacher told me this morning to never wear flip flops. Apparently since they have no support whatsoever, they are terrible for your alignment and feet. (Shocker!) But sometimes they’re the perfect thing: beach, pool, pedicure…you get the picture.

Just one of many styles to choose from!

Just one of many styles to choose from!

So with that caveat, my favorite flip flops are by a company called Reef. I actually favor the men’s styles. They’re super comfy with good padding and shock absorbtion on the bottoms, and on most styles. the piece that goes between your toes is always cloth or suede, so there are no ow-ies. Surfers dig ’em, so you know they must be groovy. They make kids sizes too, which means fun for the whole family!

I buy ’em at the 7th Street Surf Shop in Ocean City, New Jersey. (At the end of the summer season you can sometimes find good ones on sale.) I’ve seen them at other surf shops, like the Billabong in Times Square. Or you can find them online here. At $35 – $45 a pair, they’re not the cheapest, but I will say the couple of pairs I have I’ve worn for at least 4 years and they’re still good as new.


Apparently Denny’s is trying to rebrand itself as hipper for a younger crowd, so they are having bands like Good Charlotte create menu items.

If news reports are to be believed, Simon Cowell is being offered over $100 million per year to extend his American Idol contract. (He reportedly made a measly $36 million last year.)

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of his children. (This story gets weirder and weirder.) Did you see his father Joe at the BET Awards? He didn’t even seem sad. When asked how the family was, he was like, “Fine.” Fine?? Your son just died a sudden death 3 days ago!

Weirder still, some papers are reporting that Michael Jackson faked his own death so he can have the biggest comeback ever. It seems crazy, but then you start to think about it and realize it could be true! If it is, that is insane.


I cooked so much tonight I feel like I got a job in a restaurant. I made white bean soup with escarole and summer squash with parmesan for dinner. Then I made garlic scape toasted walnut pesto and froze it into 2 batches. I made swiss chard with lemon and garlic to reheat for tomorrow night. And I washed and put away red leaf lettuce, parsley and sugar snap peas. I’m exhausted! Poor Ken is in there cleaning now…

Hope all is well!


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