Face It

June 30, 2009

There are just never enough hours in the day, are you with me? Of course you are!! Anyway…

product-4307-largeLet’s talk face wash. And guys, before you tune out, this product is decidedly asexual, or bisexual, or metrosexual, so maybe you can upgrade from the whatever is in the soapdish you’ve been using.

I look for a few things in a face wash. I want it natural, because I use it every morning. I want it to remove the dirt, so my countenance feels fresh and ready to face the day. But it can’t be too harsh, because then my face feels too dry and taut. And I like a pleasing but unintrusive smell — something that wakes me up but doesn’t make me gag. (That might seem like the bar is low, but you would be surprised how many bath products smell like some cheap bordello’s ladies room. Maybe that used to be the vibe I was going for, but not anymore! ha ha)

Well, color me surprised when I uncovered a bottle of Korres White Tea Cleanser in my bathroom. I had forgotten buying it and I am so glad I found it. It leaves my skin just the right amount of fresh, it’s all natural, and the tea scent is perfect for an AM shower. I even like the bottle — sleek and modern, and plastic, which is key for using in the bath. I don’t get the glass bottle thing — it’s so dangerous if it accidentally slips and falls, which soap tends to do.

I’ve talked about Korres before — it’s a great natural line from Greece. There’s a store in SoHo (110 Wooster) and Brooklen (140 Montague), or check it out online here. According to the site, “white tea extract’s high content in polyphenols, a group of compounds that demonstrate strong antioxidant action and improve skin microcirculation, provides anti-aging benefits while helping skin maintain its brightness.” I didn’t know that — now I like it even more! ($21 for 6.76 ounces)

Bye Bye Bottle

We are now bottle free in this house! It’s kind of sad but refreshing, nonetheless. And I want to pass on this tip. When Austin was small, I thought I should start to get him off the bottle around one years old, which is what the books tend to say. Austin’s pediatrician at the time said we might want to wait, that she had found that they gave it up much easier closer to two. So I waited, and he transitioned just fine. Because of insurance issues (hate!), we switched pediatricians right before I had Addison. This doctor was really pushing me to get Addison off the bottle around one. I tried around 18 months, but she was having none of it, and wouldn’t drink her milk in anything but her Born Free bottle. And this is a kid who asks for milk all day long.

Well, she is about to turn 2, so this weekend I decided to make the switch. I was going to gradually do it, but she took to it no sweat. Didn’t even ask me where the bottle was when I handed her the sippy cup. So my advice would be to wait until closer to two if you’re having problems transitioning off the bottle. It seems to work!


Long weekends are fabulous, but I feel like everyone just tries to pack everything in to the few days that are left. I can’t wait for Thursday at 1pm! (We have a half day Thursday.)

I hope your Monday wasn’t too painful — we had a few days straight of nice weather here, so that helps.

Be good!


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