Lost Art of the Thank You

June 22, 2009

So the kids’ big birthday bash was Saturday and everything went well. I think everyone had a good time, and that evening when we were walking home from dinner, Austin was walking next to me and he said, “Mom, I really loved my party.” So I feel like I did my job! He and Addison got a lot of really generous, fun and engaging gifts…

iStock_thank_you_flower_resizedWhich means now it’s time for me to write the thank you notes! It seems like very few people take the time to do this anymore, but I am such a big believer in them. At a very basic level, it lets someone know that either you received the gift (if it was sent through the mail) or that you know and appreciate what they gave you (cards get separated from gifts all the time). I used to buy a lot of wedding gifts at MoMA, and they had a horrible habit of not including the card with the gift when they shipped it. The only way I knew was when I hadn’t gotten a thank you note in a really long time.

On a much more lofty but no less important note, the person took the time to go out, pick out and buy your gift, so why not take a few minutes to thank them? It’s a welcome addition to the mailbox with all of the bills and junk mail.

The official word from etiquette maven Emily Post is that thank you notes are only required for wedding gifts, but that a phone call, email or note is suggested in other instances to acknowledge the gift or gesture. I am still a fan of handwritten, snail-mailed notes. Call me old-fashioned, but it just feels right — and classy — to me.

And since Austin can only write his name reliably and Addison can barely hold a pen, I have a lot of work to do. And I need more stamps!

Fathers Unite

Isn’t it fishy that the longest day of the year just happened to be Father’s Day? I mean, Father’s Day could have been last Sunday…I’m just sayin’. For those of you fathers out there, I hope you had a wonderful, extra long day!


I really need a haircut. Alas, no time so I will look like the shaggy DA for a bit longer…

I feel like it’s so cliche to say but this weather is bananas. Rain rain go away! If they tell us in August there’s a drought warning, we know someone’s siphoning the reservoir.

There has been far too much birthday cake in this house with all of the celebrations — extra time at the gym this week!

Hope you all had a great one. Until tomorrow…


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