Just 3 Things: Summer Edition

June 5, 2009

imagesIt’s supposed to be a fantastic weekend, and I realized we have much of our summer committed already (how does that always happen?), so it got me thinking about all the things I want to make sure I do this summer. You know, those summer-y things that make you feel carefree and warm and fuzzy. So squish some sand between your toes and get to it. This summer it’s all about the little things:

1. Make some popsicles! I just bought a little set for $3.50 at Target. You can fill it with the juice of your choice, freeze it, and voila! Fun for the whole family after dinner.

2. Have a picnic! We have a great rooftop that we like to go up on with a special picnic lunch. Hit the park or even just your yard, spread out a blanket and dine al fresco. You can make it easy and order takeout and eat it outside, or you can plan a fancy picnic with fried chicken, finger sandwiches and pasta salads, etc. Either way, pack a frisbee or a soccer ball.

3. Look up! A warm, clear summer sky offers peace of mind day or night. Take a moment to watch the clouds float by or try and find the Little Dipper. It’ll give you the pause you need to refresh, reset and just breathe for a minute or two. And that’s what summer is all about, no?


Hit Me With the Single, Man

Here’s Ken with the Single of the Week:

If Thor were recommending a song (How many times have you thought that? We’re on the same page, homey!), he would pick Anthonio, less for his disdain for the hard “t” than his love of Norwegian electro-pop princess Annie. Her blonde hair and blue eyes will make your mighty hammer ascend to the lofty heights of Asgard!


Well, Barry did a great job in Cairo, no? He does give good speech. Now let’s see what happens.

This weekend is one of the few that we’ll actually be in the city all summer, so we have a bunch of fun NYC things planned. Ken and Austin are going to a Yankees game in the new stadium, I want to catch the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the Guggenheim, and I am determined to try the Dessert Truck. It’s a truck that this chef started that makes gourmet desserts, all around $5, and he serves it up from a truck parked near NYU. I heard the bread pudding is to die for. (I can’t believe I just wrote that because I hate when people say that, but that is what this person said…)

Anyway, looking forward to it all — hope you are too!


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